Jul 112011

Just got our a bunch of Steam review codes for Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII: The Beginning. If you are a reviewer or editor at a website and would like to cover our games send me an email at rdespair at gmail dot com and I’ll hook you up. Steam gave us substantially more codes than Microsoft ever gave us with our XBLIG releases, so we shouldn’t run out this time.

If you’re not a reviewer but would still like a free copy, I’ll be doing a few giveaways on twitter tomorrow and Wednesday, so follow me and keep your eyes pealed.

EDIT: Had so much fun coming up with questions that I did all the Wednesday giveaways today instead (Tuesday). Congrats to the winners! And if you didn’t win, please buy our games (just $3!) when they come out on Wednesday, July 13th!

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