Sep 212012

David Crane’s Jungle Adventure – Failed. ($31k w/$900k goal)
Star Trek: The Next Generation – $52k. Finished.
Broken Sword – $711k with 17 hours left.
Homestuck Adventure Game – $1.5 million with 12 days left.
GUTS – $8k ($60k goal) with 7 days left.
Project Eternity – $1.8 million with 25 days left.
Two Brothers – $12k with 6 days left.

The highlight for new kickstarters this week IMO is Sealark, an Oceanic Adventure Game. Not entirely sure how it’ll play since it looks to be adding elements from all sorts of games – fishing, platforming, dating, etc – but it has a charming retro pixel art style and the creator lists Earthbound, Cave Story, and Harvest Moon as inspirations which makes him a-ok in my book. It has a modest goal of $5k and has already raised $29k (with 23 days to go).

As far as new technologically ambitious games go, we have Blackspace. Pretty 3D graphics on top of gameplay that appears to be a mix of space mining, RTS, and tower defense. It has a respectable $45k raised so far but it’s goal is $350k so it’ll have to get a second wind to make it.

Probably the most exciting Kickstarter gaming news this week is that Lori & Cory Cole are going to be doing a kickstarter in October for a multi-part RPG series called Hero-U. What this basically means is that the original creators of the fantastic Quest for Glory series are making a new series in a similar vein. Quest for Glory was a great mix of point & click adventure gaming, RPGs, and comedy so if you haven’t played them yet, might I suggest a $10 payment at Good Old Games for the entire series?

It’s not specifically video game related, but Kickstarter just recently changed their rules. Here’s the gist – projects now need to include a risks & challenges section and hardware/product design categories have a few new restrictions.

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  1. I loved Quest for Glory. That was the first game series I played where I could port my character to the next volume and it actually mattered.
    I would definitely back Hero-U. I wonder if it will be about the Famous Adventure’s Correspondence School that the hero from QfG attended/corresponded with.

    Thanks for the head’s up!

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