Aug 082014

New Kickstarters:

Jenny LeClue – $65k ($65k goal). 13 days left. Point & click mystery adventure game with unique art style where you also control the narrator.

Previous Kickstarters:

Aegis Defenders – $62k ($65k goal). 25 days left.

Fritz: A Videogame about World War I – $7k ($15k goal). 18 days left.

Gravia Tactics – £3k (£120k goal). 17 days left.

Tom vs. The Armies of Hell – $4k ($20k goal). 21 days left.

Girls Make Games Presents: The Hole Story! – $19k ($10k goal). 4 days left.

Ninja Pizza Girl – $27k AUD ($35k AUD goal). 5 days left.

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  10 Responses to “The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of August 8, 2014”

  1. @admin
    I apologize for assuming a thread lock… I still stand by what I said: Elysian Shadows is an awesome RPG in the making, and you should recognize that on your update(s) sir…

  2. You do realize that we have only just begun really delving into gameplay mechanics, right? We developed an entire multiplatform engine and framework, and we’re kickstarting for funding to complete gameplay scripting and assets. You’re judging this as though it’s a complete game, when it’s not. Instead it’s a 2D engine capable of doing things that I have never seen any other 2D engine do and run on platforms I have never seen any other 2D engine run on… Totally no big deal at all… Totally not even worthy of being mentioned by you…

    You’re completely undermining our work here. The Kickstarter is really to demonstrate the potential we have with this powerful development platform we have created and with a talented team of professionals in their respective fields. We’re showing you that we’re READY to create this game with your help… It doesn’t look like a very good game? It isn’t even a game yet. That’s why we’re on Kickstarter.

  3. I’m sorry if you took offense at my comment. I thought my comment was tame but I apologize for any distress caused.

    There is no intentional “omitting” of games in my weekly Kickstarter article – I simply post links to games that I’m personally excited about. I wish the developers at ES the best with their kickstarter & finishing their development.

    BLKMSK CEO, we have various auto-catch spam filters so it’s possible that one of your comments contained a trigger word or combination of letters that caused the system to believe that your account was a spam bot. I’ve since gone in and manually approved your comments I found in our spam folder.

  4. We (as gamers, devs, fans etc.) should try and build the industry up and not try to set it back 20 yrs… I read a statement on a gaming media outlet that the industry was going to witness a “crash” ( like the one from the late 70’s-80’s) with all the F2P and nonsensical mobile gaming apps being churned out at an alarming rate. I call shenanigans on this statement because this only represents a minor fraction of the gaming community. We really need more of an optimistic view regarding gaming and deving respectively. If we support our “brothers and sisters” in the deving community, great things are only going to get better… Just my two cents, Robert… I’m glad you elaborated more on your thoughts about Elysian Shadows, and wishing the team luck. Classy, and I respect that 🙂

  5. Personally, I think that Elysian Shadows shows promise, and I think that team looks to have the technical skills they need. Of course, like most projects of this nature, it’s hard to tell how things will evolve down the line. But ultimately I hope them luck, and I hope the game turns out well – the more good indie RPGs out there, the better the market for them is as a whole. I also think supporting Dreamcast is very cool. So, good luck!

  6. I only wanted to state the facts, Falco. It did kinda baffle me that a kickstarter campaign like ES was not on the update list… @Zeboyd: wasn’t my intentions to call you guys out; I’m just a core RPG fan at the end of the day… I want the genre to thrive. I follow team ES on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook and these gentlemen are the real deal. Raw… What you see is what you get with them. It’s refreshing and inspiring for me at least; others might not think so but there’s genius in Falco & Tyler’s dev process… I really believe more devs would benefit from exploring these practices during planning and deving stages of their games. It’s a pipe dream to think we can coexist (in business competition terms)with out “hating” on our competitors… Sad, but the reality of life. We “can” respect our competition without degrading them is the moral here I guess. Btw team ES: nice job on promoting ES!!! Almost at that first goal line!

  7. Lead engine/toolkit developer here… Thank you so much for calling them out, BLKMSK CEO.

    It’s pretty audacious of you to just “omit” an indie RPG like ours after we made over $37k in a single day, and we’re at just about $100k, with a very strong chance of hitting our goal.

    Guess which site we will have nothing to do with in the future, after this campaign? We’ve made plenty of friends in the gaming press and have brought lots of traffic to them as a result. You might want to consider being more respectful next time.

  8. …ok. While I respect your opinion sir, I have to disagree with that assessment of the game. The 2D/3D aspect of the gameplay is pretty cool to me since these sort of mechanics aren’t “trendy” with today’s developer. It’s ambitious and risky, which is why I feel they will be successful… Too many devs today stick with the “if it ain’t broke…” floor plan for developing, which has it’s pros but the most obvious con is it’s a “copy paste” routine that gets stale quickly. This isn’t a poke at your development style at all. I respect Zeboyd and the titles put forth so far, but I feel team ES is trying to be trailblazing mavericks in the genre and that’s worth some notice. Just my opinion, and I apologize if I’ve offended but I wanted to address this. Still looking forwards to CSH btw…

  9. Other than the shadow engine (which is admittedly cool), Elysian Shadows doesn’t look like a very good game.

  10. I’m finding it hard to understand why you would omit Elysian Shadows from the kickstarter update… It’s a RPG made by an indie dev. It fits the mold… Show ES some love too!!!

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