Oct 102014

New Kickstarters:

The Interactive Adventures of Dog Mendonça & Pizza Boy – $3k ($30k goal). 28 days left. Action/Comedy point & click adventure game based on the comic.

The Flame in the Flood – $118k ($150k goal). 27 days left. Post apocalyptic river journey rogue-lite.

Impact Winter – £4k (£95k goal). 31 days left. Post-apocalyptic ice world survival RPG.

Previous Kickstarters:

Human Resources – $240k ($1.4 mil goal). 25 days left.

Elegy for a Dead World – $30k ($48k goal). 10 days left.

Black The Fall – £10k (£25k goal). 20 days left.

That Which Sleeps – $44k ($12k goal). 12 days left.

No Pineapple Left Behind – $8k ($35k goal). 13 days left.

Battle Chef Brigade – $58k ($38k goal). 17 days left.

Bedlam – $68k ($130k goal). 14 days left.

Pinball Arcade: The Addam’s Family – $108k ($97k goal). 2 days left.

Blossom Tales – $17k ($45k goal). 7 days left.

Recently Completed Kickstarters:

Pathologic – $333k ($250k goal).

Adventures of Pip – $65k ($40k goal).

Cube and Me – $7k ($15k goal). Failed.

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