Jun 162016

Cosmic Star Heroine is now available for preorder on Humble Store. DRM-free + Steam activation. 20% off for preorders. Spread the word!

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  8 Responses to “Cosmic Star Heroine preorders up on Humble Store”

  1. If you make it pre-orderable on PSN I’d throw my money down on the table. Most exciting game release this year IMO. I’m so happy! <3 you guys and LOVE THAT YOU ARE BRINGING IT TO VITA. I love anyone who makes games for Vita.

  2. Any news on a release date / pre-order for the PS4 version please?

  3. No when a game doesn’t have a release date it defaults to Dec 31st at most retailers. Steam, Humble, GOG, etc until a date is confirmed. Playing it safe is bragging about how quickly they get a game out and then taking a year and a half past release to be excited because they have a playable beta and MAPS!

  4. Is the release window still summer? Putting a Dec 31 placeholder doesn’t exactly make you guys sound confident.

  5. Just wanted to let you know you still have some die-hard fans thoroughly excited for this game’s release <3

  6. so i just purchased the game from humble bundle for $11.99. when will i receive a key for the game. i understand i wont be able to play it until launch but is there anything else i need to do to tie it into my steam account?

  7. “Pre-order Cosmic Star Heroine now! Available December 31, 2016.”
    Playing it safe I assume ?

  8. I know realize I bought the game on Dec. 19 2013, wow ^^

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