Jul 252014

New Kickstarters:

Grapple Force – $7k ($7k goal). 5 days left. Action/Platformer reminiscent of Umihara Kawase or Bionic Commando. Will be free to play in browsers, but backers get a downloadable version.

Previous Kickstarters:

Mighty Tactical Shooter : A Turn-Based Shoot ‘Em Up – £6k (£10k goal). 6 days left.

Girls Make Games Presents: The Hole Story! – $12k ($10k goal). 18 days left.

Ninja Pizza Girl – $20k AUD ($35k AUD goal). 18 days left.

Temporus – $20k ($20k goal). Finished.

The Deer God – $51k ($26k goal). Finished.

Timespinner – $172k ($50k goal). 3 hours left.

Insomnia – $92k ($70k goal). Finished.

fault milestone one -director’s cut- - $34k ($5k goal). Finished.

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Jul 232014

We’re pleased to share a preview of the main battle theme for Cosmic Star Heroine.

Here are some notes from Chris over at Hyperduck:

“Hello CSH fans! Here is a preview of the first battle theme for Cosmic Star Heroine; there is a lot more to this theme than meets the eye, and we’re only showing you a small amount of it for now. IT IS NOT MIXED YET! So don’t be too harsh on the judgement, yet! Hehe.”

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Jul 182014

New Kickstarters:

Mighty Tactical Shooter : A Turn-Based Shoot ‘Em Up – Turn-based shmup where you pause the game and set up your commands in advance.

Girls Make Games Presents: The Hole Story! – Top down puzzle/rpg made by a bunch of students. Grand Prize Winner at the Girls Make Games Demo Day.

Ninja Pizza Girl – Reminiscent of a 2D Mirror’s Edge.

Previous Kickstarters:

Temporus – $10k ($20k goal). 2 days left.

The Deer God – $31k ($26k goal). 5 days left.

Timespinner – $82k ($50k goal). 7 days left.

Insomnia – $76k ($70k goal). 5 days left. Dieselpunk sandbox RPG.

fault milestone one -director’s cut- - $33k ($5k goal). 1 hour left.

Bearzerkers – $8k AUD ($8k AUD goal). Finished.

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Jul 082014

A few months ago, we had backers vote on which non-human character they’d like to add to Cosmic Star Heroine as a playable character. The votes came in and the cyber-insect character was the winner.

Today, we’d like to reveal our playable cyber-insect, Psybe.


Although it would have been easy to stick Psybe in as a bonus character, we were actually able to fit the character organically into the main storyline. With high stats in both Hackitude & Sparke, he/she/it should be a valuable member of your team.


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Jun 272014

New Kickstarters:

Temporus – $4k ($20k goal). 23 days left. 2D action/platformer with some shmup segments as well.

The Deer God – $8k ($26k goal). 26 days left. 2.5D pixel art exploration/platformer. Really cool, unique look.

Timespinner – $34k ($50k goal). 28 days left. 2D Metroidvania where the main character is a sorceress with time powers.

Insomnia – $19k ($70k goal). 26 days left. Dieselpunk sandbox RPG.

fault milestone one -director’s cut- - $11k ($5k goal). 20 days left. Japanese visual novel. Funding to continue working on it and to translate into English.

Previous Kickstarters:

Bearzerkers – $5k AUD ($8k AUD goal). 5 days left to go.

Pale Blue – $59k ($48k goal). Finished.

Superhot – $250k ($100k goal). Finished.

Witchmarsh - £102k (£50k goal). 2 days left to go.

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Jun 172014

There’s been a change of plans.

As you may remember, we mentioned that we were planning on showing off some footage of the game during E3. E3 has come and gone and no footage was shown so what happened?

Our original plan was to create a short 10-30 second video which included a few seconds from 2-3 scenes which would show off some combat & exploration. This kind of footage is great for creating trailers and for inclusion in larger montage videos, but we figured you all deserved something better.

With our past games, we would focus on one aspect of the game, finish everything in that aspect and then move onto the next. For example, we might make every single enemy in the game and then make every single area in the game and then make every single ability in the game and so on. Although this approach had a certain amount of efficiency to it, it has a major flaw in that we wouldn’t have anything playable until the game was almost entirely finished. This can be especially bad if it turns out that your original plan had problems since you don’t discover those issues until near the end of the project when you might not have much time to fix them.

With Cosmic Star Heroine, we’re doing things a little different and creating the game on a scenario by scenario basis. So for say a dungeon, we’d create the maps for that dungeon, the enemies for that dungeon, the story triggers & dialogue for that dungeon, and so on until the dungeon is playable just like it would presumably be in the finished game. This is a little more work in the short run (since you have to adjust between working on different tasks), but we feel this will result in a better game since we’ll be able to play through the game as it gets created and thus will be able to adjust & polish it more easily.

As an added bonus to this scenario approach, we should have a meaty preview of one of the larger scenarios in the game ready to show off to you all in a few weeks. This won’t be just a few seconds of carefully edited footage. Instead, we’ll be able to play through a couple sections of the game, record that, and show you several minutes of footage of us playing through part of the actual game.

Specifically, we’ll be showing some segments from early on the game where Alyssa leads a team of herself, Chahn, and Dave on a mission on Rhomu. You’ll see more of the jungle that we’ve shown off on the Kickstarter page as well as an all-new location in the form of a creepy old abandoned laboratory. Should be a fun segment to show off. :)

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Jun 132014

New Kickstarters:

Bearzerkers – $3.5k AUD ($8k AUD goal). 20 days left to go. Competitive multiplayer party game where you run away from a giant bear and try to be the last one standing.

Pale Blue – $39k ($48k goal). 6 days left to go. Anime-inspired 2D side-scrolling action where you control a cute girl/genetically mutated killing monster.

Previous Kickstarters:

Shiness – $139k raised ($100k goal). Finished.

Perseus 230 – $9k raised ($29k goal). Canceled.

OMORI – $203k raised ($22k goal). Finished.

Kaiju-a-Gogo – $27k CAD ($50k CAD goal). Unsuccessful.

Superhot – $238k ($100k goal). 17 hours left to go.

Zenzizenzic - €2.5k (€2k goal). Finished.

Witchmarsh - £87k (£50k goal). 2 days left to go.

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Jun 062014

Sorry, but there will be no kickstarter report this week. It will return next week.

I have a good excuse though. Yesterday, my wife gave birth to twins! As you can imagine, things have been a bit hectic here. :)

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May 302014

New Kickstarters:

Shiness – $97k raised ($100k goal). 8 days left to go. 3D Action/RPG with one-on-one battles. Very impressive cel-shaded 3D visuals for an indie RPG.

Perseus 230 – $7k raised ($29k goal). 7 days left to go. Star Fox-inspired rail shooter with customizable ships, branching paths, and colorful visuals.

OMORI – $97k raised ($22k goal). 6 days left to go. Surreal exploration/horror RPG. Reminiscent of Earthbound but darker & weirder.

Previous Kickstarters:

Amplitude – $844k ($750k goal). Finished.

Kaiju-a-Gogo – $22k CAD ($50k CAD goal). 11 days left to go.

Universim – $387k ($320k goal). Finished.

Superhot – $190k ($100k goal). 14 days left to go.

Zenzizenzic - €2.1k (€2k goal). 5 days left to go.

Witchmarsh - £55k (£50k goal). 16 days left to go.

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