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Free stuff! Woohoo! 🙂

Cthulhu Saves the World OST – Original soundtrack to Cthulhu Saves the World. Also available in a low quality version for people with slow Internet connections here. EDIT: Updated OST link to include the Cthulhu’s Angels songs as well.

Cthulhu Saves the World design document – This is the original design document I created when we started making Cthulhu Saves the World, along with notes of how the design changed from origin to final product so that you can see how the game evolved. Obviously, there are major spoilers here so I highly recommend not reading this until after you’ve beaten the game.

Breath of Death VII Monster Stats & Abilities – The text file I used to keep track of monster stats & abilities while designing Breath of Death VII: The Beginning.

Breath of Death VII World Map – Complete world map to our first RPG, Breath of Death VII: The Beginning. Obviously, don’t check it if you don’t want any spoilers.

Molly the Were-Zompire – This is the source code to my second XBox Live Indie Game. Note, this does not include the music files (to save space) so you’ll need to comment those out of the code or replace them before it will run. Feel free to use this code to help you learn XNA & C# or as the start of your own interactive novel program. You are free to distribute derivative works of this code if credit is given to the original creator (Robert Boyd), and the derivative work is free (so PC only) so if you’d like to port the game to the PC or add additional plot branches or other improvements, go for it (and tell me about it when you’re done – I’ll mention your work on the website if I like it). Oh and keep it clean (Nothing above a PG-13 level). If you would like to sell something that you’ve made with this code, that’s fine as well, but only if the story text is completely different and has nothing to do with Molly the Were-Zompire or any other game made by Zeboyd Games (only original stories).

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  1. Thanks for the free Soundtrack.

    Anyone know which track is used in the CSTW Trailer on Steam ?

  2. Yes, now that I look at it, it is just a set %. The difference from normal mode to hard is 25% more and 25% less for easy. This also applies to the monsters in CSTW. I’m playing CSTW now and would love to see the monster stats for that. I just beat the ape princes and even Umi couldn’t out speed it after the 35% stat buff from her combo with October, Sharpes 50% speed boost all and using slow strike on it. I can’t wait to play on over kill mode when I eventually finish it on insane mode, or as I like to call it, revenge mode.

  3. Hard mode just gives a set percent bonus to the stats of all enemies. Off the top of my head, I don’t remember how much of a bonus it is, but it’s the same for all enemies so there’s no need to create a separate hard list.

  4. Would it be possible to get a updated monster stat list that covers hard mode? I noticed in the list it says the lab coat from the lab before the final boss has 350 speed, but it was still faster then Sarah when she had 430 speed. But after getting to 440 speed, she is finally faster.

  5. I am glad to have the Cthulhu Saves the World OST for free because there are many wonderful tracks in it I had wished to add to my playlist and it wasn’t available in the Humble Bundle I had received Cthulhu Saves the World in (obviously, since y’know, it’s here for free).

    Also thank you for the design document. I’m an aspiring video game designer and it helps to have something to reference that has been used for an actual full released professional project.

  6. Hey guys just wanted to say some of my first RPGs are Dragon Warrior 1 and Final Fantasy 1, both on the NES. These are some really great memories I have, so I purchased Breath of Death and Cthulu on Steam. I was pleasantly surprised at how well your games (Breath, Cthulu) played. Sometimes I associate parodies (particularly movies and cartoons) with lower quality, but you guys did an amazing job with both titles. I’ll probably follow any work you do in the future on account of what I’ve experienced with your previous two games. Great job, guys.

  7. I’ve gone ahead and updated the CSTW OST link to point to the soundtrack that includes the Cthulhu’s Angels songs. 🙂

  8. Can I just say that these two games changed my life… I am a music major, and truly love video games with an engaging soundtrack. Breath of Death’s soundtrack? Pretty darn solid. Cthulhu’s soundtrack? When I got to the Volcano dungeon, I just put my controller down for a good hour or two. Allowing users to download that soundtrack for free was amazing, but is there no way to get the audio files for Cthulhu’s angels as well? This game (Cthulhu) will go down as my all-time favorite retro RPG for it’s far superior soundtrack.

  9. Thank you very much for making this available and for all the effort that went into making Breath of Death VII and Cthulhu saves the World.

  10. I Would Really Love To See An Breath Of Death 7 Ost Like You Made For The Other Game

  11. I really like the PAA 3 world map (new arcadia) music , I think it’s as good as some of the best FF music, yeah! Would really like to have it on mp3, but I only have it on my iPad, so it’s a bit harder to record it. Any help would be appreciated.


  12. Hi. I was wondering if anyone still had the music files for the old Adventure Reboot game. I’m specifically interested in being able to relisten to the yellow castle’s theme, though being able to hear all of them again would be great too!

  13. What’s up with the source code for Molly? Am I missing something, or is this not the same as the game on XBLIG?

  14. I just wanted to say before playing “Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3,” I was scared that I would not like the game due to it being old school designed, but after finishing the game I was surprised at how fresh the gameplay turned out to be. I especially love how losing a battle does not punish you like most other games out there. I mean all (well mostly all) of those games have unlimited continues, so why try to feign difficulty by making the fans suffer through bad game design. Again I wanted to congratulate you on a great game. I’ll be keeping an eye out for future games.

    I got “Cthulhu Saves the World” as part of the deal and love the storyline, but it’s exactly what I was dreading before playing the Penny Arcade game. The interface is overly clunky, the do over item is useless when you can save anytime, and the level up scheme feels extremely punishing (I shouldn’t have to read up on what works best later in the game or feel like I should restart if I chose poorly). Other then those items (and the unintuitive interface) I liked the game, but I’ll have to pass due to them. I would rather pay $5 then $1 or $2 (however much Cthulhu costs) to get the more polished interface. Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m just providing constructive criticism in hopes that it will guide further design decisions. I loved NES/SNES game interfaces when I played them, they’re just extremely dated by today’s standards. I’ll chalk it up to learning and hope for more polished games like Penny Arcade.

  15. Cthulu saves the world was all we talked about at work for 3 days…We have just gotten to the first real boss…yeah good job.

  16. Hey, I was just curious…
    Any chance on releasing the source code in any fashion, including a royalty-driven one, for both CStW and BoD?
    I have several ideas that would go awesome with your system, and was just curious.

  17. I don’t know if these are read or it’s a mad suggestion, but will the Breath of Death soundtrack ever be put up?

    I had time to listen to the tracks in game and I found they were great.

  18. I bought the pack and cthulhu saves the world is hands down my favorite game. But I’m rarely on my computer to play it. Any chance this will be ported to the iOS I’d gladly throw more money this way for BoD and Cstw for the iPad.

  19. Just wanted to say, I saw your games on steam, but I then went and purchased them on XBOX live. Haven’t tried cthulu yet, but BOD freaking kills me. The setting drew me to it, I kinda like necromancy stuff in RPG’s, and this is like a holy grail lol. Well thanks for the work dude 😀

  20. Hey, I love the games, any chance of a BoD OST?

  21. Do you think we could get the Breath of Death VII ost?

  22. Great!

    I especially like the soundtrack, and they’re all awesome.I especially lked that they were of high quality and fairly long (compared to the time taken in dungeons for some of them)- I didn’t hear the entirety of most songs until I nabbed the soundtrack. Oh and for some reason Testemony of Memory makes me want to cry. Is something wrong with me?

    P.S I downloaded Werezompire too. Now to remove the thingie to make it work. This may end badly…

    P.P.S I think this comment may be too long.

  23. is there any chance of getting the full BoDVII GDD, you have the CStW GDD which makes a lot of references to improving BoDVII features and functions.

    If not that cool but I really would like to see both.

    By the way I bought both on steam and i really love them. my son and I are very pleased with the games.

  24. FREE SOUNDTRACK! you guys rock!

  25. Hi, I just bought the Cthulhu Saves the World/Death of Breath VII Combo pack off of Steam. I was wondering if there was a manual for Cthulhu… Maybe I am slow but i don’t get the difference between One Enemy and One Group.

  26. Hi. I love your games.

    You could probably add additional revenue by selling your games on additional services like (good old games), Impulse, etc. Just a suggestion, I think your games are brilliant and you should be payed for them. I have both BOD and CSTW on PC but I also own BOD for Xbox 360. You deserved my money.

    Additionally, if you wanted to you could use Mono (the open source.NET port) to make your games compatible with nearly every OS out there (even Android/Iphone using the Monotouch version) if you are considering.

    Thanks also for contributing that code for that other game. It’s always nice when people give back to the community. Looks like a CC-By-NC strictly for Noncommercial use on the Molly code if used with the story and a CC-By for commercial use with the code only? Very nice.

  27. Actually, we got rid of the donate button a few days ago. Given how well the PC versions of our games are selling, it felt a little tacky to still be asking for donations.

  28. I don’t know if I’m just dumb or can’t find your donate button, or if it’s gone. Either way I’ll keep searching. I feel like I robbed you guys blind by getting BOTH of the games for $3 (and I bought second copies for my friend, too). Also, if you guys start doing t-shirts. I’d gladly get a t-shit with Cthulu standing in his heroic pose. Just sayin’.

  29. Nice going, Zeboyd! Oww, Breath of Death VII OST, plz !?
    (by the way, great game, lotz of fun!)

  30. …Did I miss a bonus dungeon in Breath of Death? Or was that unfinished concept : S

  31. Hey Robby this is your cus. and I was wondering if you could put of some of your art concepts. Like your basic designs for your characters and likewise. Awesome game by the way!!!

  32. Hey thanks much for making this available. I’m just starting to explore the XNA framework and really appreciate being able to take a look at your hard work.

    I’m downloading Breath of Death and Cthulhu right now!

  33. Wow cool stuff, I plan on using Molly the Werezombie to help me improve my coding. Thanks for this stuff. =)

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