Jun 152010

Now as some people may know, I’m a huge fan of Pac-Man: Championship Edition. Not only that, but last I checked, I had the highest recorded score for the game in the world (just under a million) which I set about a year ago. So it is with great excitement that I heard the news today that Namco is released a sequel to Pac-Man: Championship Edition to XBLA and the PSN this Fall. Now chances are this is just going to be the iPhone version (which adds a bunch of extra modes & levels to the XBLA version) with a little polish here and an extra there, but since I don’t own an iPhone and would rather play this sort of thing with a regular controller and not a touch pad, I’m thrilled nevertheless.

Oh and here are the videos of my high score. Sorry about the poor picture quality – not the best camera, plus I had so much adrenaline pumping after the game that I was having major problems keeping my hand steady.

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