Nov 212012

Happy early-Thanksgiving everyone!  I totally should have drawn a Thanksgiving themed pic this week, but I did this last week so it wasn’t on my mind:

Breath VII - The Crew!

Breath VII - The Crew! (Bill Stiernberg)

I felt like drawing this cast in a very cartoony and simple yet colorful style because I feel like that reflects the game and the characters better than a more realistic style.   Also wanted to try a new cartoony style that isn’t anime-esque.

Also I wanted to try out inking in Paint Tool Sai again and this is the result. I think I’m going to switch over to painting in SAI as well once I break it in.

Enjoy!  Click the image to go to my DA page to download the full image (link at top right) if you like.  Do let me know if you want a wall paper version of this too btw.

Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian - Mass Effect (Bill Stiernberg)

So I wanted to draw something from Mass Effect and someone requested Garrus, so here he is!   It was fun to do something out of the ordinary of what I usually do, and I wanted to paint something out really quick so this was good practice.  Instead of painting each segment of the picture individually as most artists and I usually do, I just laid down the flat colors and did shadows and highlights all at once.  So it might look a little rough, but I probably cut my painting time in half this way.   Next time I’ll try a method to maintain cleaner inking lines.

Happy pre-Thanksgiving again, everyone!

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