Feb 222013

Cryamore – $187k. 3 days left.
Asylum –  $99k ($100k goal). 5 days left.
Dreamfall Chapters – $1 mil. 15 days left.
At the Gates – $68k. 13 days left.
Worlds of Wonder – $44k ($400k goal). 7 days left.
ROAM – $87k. 2 days left.
Death Inc. – £70k (£300k goal). 12 days left.
Delver’s Drop – $39k ($75k goal). 18 days left.
Throw Trucks With Your Mind – $16k ($40k goal). 19 days left.
Genocide Dolphins – £517 (£5k goal). 5 days left.

First up for this week, we have a new Adventure/RPG hybrid called Mage’s Initiation. Developed by the team responsible for the King’s Quest 1-3 & Quest for Glory 2 remakes, Mage’s Initiation looks to be heavily inspired by the Quest for Glory series. That means multiple character classes, traditional Sierra Online style puzzles, alternate routes of success, and RPG stats. They’re off to a strong start with $39k of their $65k goal raised with 28 days left to go.

Next, we have There Came an Echo – a voice-controlled strategy game by the studio that brought us Sequence. It’s an intriguing idea and looks far more ambitious than the previous game, although I will admit that I thought they handled their launch poorly – launching on a holiday (when all the media is on vacation or busy covering Bungie’s announcement) and with no prior attempts at raising awareness. However, it’s bounced back from a rough start (no doubt thanks to having star Wil Wheaton attached to the project) and is at $42k raised of their $90k goal with 26 days left to go.

Finally, I thought the Death Boulder Bones game project sounded interesting. An endless runner where instead of controlling the runner you control the environment that he runs in, Death Boulder Bones looks like it’d make for a very fun little mobile game. It’s only at $1k of its $28k goal so it definitely needs a push if it wants to make it.

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