Apr 152013

Go Home Dinosaurs! is a tower defense game with a Tetris-twist. You see, each of your “towers” has a certain shape to it and you’re only able to place them where you have enough room on the level map, thus forcing the player to mix up their strategies from level to level. In addition to your towers, you also have an avatar who can move around the map to collect coconuts (your tower-buying currency), act as a weak mobile tower, and who can be temporarily upgraded with power-ups if you need a sudden burst of power to take down a particularly difficult wave of dinosaurs. The visuals are clean and colorful, the music is inoffensive, and the voices of your fighting force are mildly funny at first before becoming annoying (but luckily, you can turn them off).

Go Home Dinosaurs! is a lot of fun while it lasts which unfortunately isn’t very long. Most tower defense games have high score competitions, higher difficulty levels, endless modes, and sometimes even all-new bonus modes, but there’s none of that here. According to my Steam client, it took me about 6 hours to complete every level in Go Home Dinosaurs with the highest score. I could probably stretch out another hour to that playtime if I wanted to get the 6 achievements that are gained by beating certain levels a specific way, and a few more hours if I cared about getting the more grind-heavy achievements (like buy all of the stuff in the store & defeat over 10,000 dinosaurs) but there’s no denying that Go Home Dinosaurs is a lot shorter than other favorite tower defense games like Plants vs. Zombies, Pixeljunk Monsters, Defense Grid, and Defender’s Quest.

Still, better short & sweet than long and boring, right?

Go Home Dinosaurs! can be bought from Steam here.

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