Oct 262009

On October 22, all XBox Live Indie games that were previously at 200 MS points and had not been changed by their creators automatically dropped down to 80 MS points. In honor of this, I present to you 10 Indie Games (that were not made by me, sorry Epiphany in Spaaace!) that are well worth the 80 points.

I MAED A GAM3 W1TH ZOMB1ES!!!1 – The song is hilarious and it’s a pretty solid dual-stick shooter to boot.

Miner Dig Deep – Dig for minerals to make money so that you can buy new equipment that lets you dig even deeper. Funner than it sounds.

Fishing Girl – Miner Dig Deep but with fishing. Easy to beat but has lots of goals to shoot for that extend gameplay time if you’re so inclined.

NextWar: The Quest for Earth – Fun tower defense game with a War Games-esque look.

Groov – Dual stick shooter that makes music as you play.

Johnny Platform’s Biscuit Romp – Enjoyable retro platformer with vertical design.

CaveIn – Miner Rescue Team (80 MS) – A fun Action/Puzzle game where you rescue people in a cave.

Rabid Gophers – Mindless but enjoyable twitch game.

Halfbrick Echoes – It’s like Pac-Man meets Braid. One of the best little games on the 360 at any price.

Zoomaroom – The controls take a little getting used to but other than that, this is an excellent physics-based puzzle/platformer.

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