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Oct 292009


For the longest time, I’ve thought that you ought to be able to make a good puzzle game out of the act of traffic control. Imagine my surprise when I found just such a game on XBox Live Indie Games last week, Carcophony.

Gameplay is simple to grasp and reminiscent of the arcade classic, Tapper (albeit slower and more complex). Cars enter the map and you have to control traffic lights to get them through. If too many cars get backed up at a single entrance, you lose. Periodically, special events like ambulances & blocked roads occur to spice things up.

There are five maps to chose from. In addition to the single player game, Carcophony supports local multipayer games in both cooperative and competitive flavors for up to 4 players. Peer-to-peer scoreboards and achievement-like “License Points” round out the package.

At 400 MS points, Carcophony is more expensive than some games, but you’re getting a fun and unique game for your money.

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