Game Review – Headshot 2

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Nov 172009


The first Headshot was about as simple as games get. Stick figures walked slowly across a field until one of them turned into a gunman causing everyone else to flee. Your goal was to shoot the gunman before the timer ran out. Rinse and repeat. It was mildly fun for a level or two, but it grew old fast. Thankfully, the sequel is much more involving.

The graphics are noticeably better, but it’s the gameplay that hasĀ  improved the most. Instead of stick figures, colorful characters in a variety of costumes walk back and forth various stages. When you’re ready to begin the level, you’re given a target and you need to quickly find that individual and then shoot him or her. The addition of a scoring system (more points for speed & accuracy) does much for infusing the game with the focus that the previous game lacked.

The game isn’t perfect. Sometimes your target will become obscured by an innocent who is moving at almost the exact same speed which makes things very frustrating as you pray for a clean shot before the timer runs out. More game modes would have been nice. Still, despite these shortcomings, Headshot 2 proves that a simple concept, done well, can be quite enjoyable. At a mere 80 points, it comes strongly recommended.

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