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Nov 232009

impossible game

The Impossible Game is an extremely infuriating game because it doesn’t seem like it should be that hard. You have a block that is moving right at a consistent speed and you tell the game when to jump so as to avoid spikes & pits. That’s it.

You don’t even have to manually jump each time – if you hold the jump button, it’ll automatically jump immediately upon landing. There are no moving obstacles or random elements in the game. If you knew what you’re doing (mostly through memorization) and had great reflexes, you could beat the game in about two minutes.

And yet despite all this, I thought it was interesting to see the subtle tricks that the game would use to mess the player up. Like having long strings of jumps periodically interspersed with parts where jumping would kill you. Or having the music and the action slightly off-synch. Or having long rows of pits that you needed to jump over. Okay, that last one wasn’t so subtle.

I’m not sure that I can recommend The Impossible Game since it is, after all, extremely infuriating, but if you’re a masochistic gamer with a love for simple challenges (you know who you are), then give it a try.

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