Nov 282012

Hey everyone!  Today we have one pic I did of a potential Game of the Year contender, and I’m posting fan art from two of our previous games.

Kat - Gravity Rush / Daze

Kat - Gravity Rush / Daze (by Bill Stiernberg)

Gravity Rush / Daze is on a lot of people’s potential Game of the Year lists. I haven’t had a chance to try it yet, but I really like the characters and concepts!

Kat is the main character of Gravity Rush / Daze. As a shifter, Kat has the power to manipulate gravity, letting her perform gravity kicks and gravity slides.

The game seems to be an excellent action / beat’em up in an open world with a really cool gravity mechanic, and a host of RPG elements (level ups, side quests, new abilities, etc).

I did this pic in a more cartooney style / coloring. The game is cel-shaded and looks great, and the main character has a neat look to her, so I wanted to draw her.

Cthulhu - From CSTW

Cthulhu - From Cthulhu Saves the World (by Rue-of-Blue-Breeze)

Here we have some excellent vector style fan art of Cthulhu from CSTW.  This was done by Rue-of-Blue-Breeze, on DeviantArt.  I love his interpretation of Cthulhu, with all its extra details and slightly greenish-bluish coloring, as well as excellent contrast.  Great work.  Check out his DA page here.

Sara - Breath of Death VII

Sara - Breath of Death VII (by Choark, on DeviantArt)

Here we have a pretty cool interpretation of Sara from Breath of Death VII.  I like the cartooney, goofy, over-exaggerated features of this artist’s style.  It matches Sara’s personality pretty well I think.  He’s got another Sara or two on his DeviantArt page, among a number of probably NSFW images of various pictures :P.

That’s it for this week, seeya next time!

And please request any characters you’d like me to draw, from our games or any other!