Jan 302013

Hey Everyone!

So this week I am pretty  busy making RS4’s maps, so I only had time to draw 1 pic for today.  But in addition to that, I decided to post a short “process” animation showing the steps I took to make it.

Estelle Bright, Trails in the Sky

Estelle Bright, Trails in the Sky (Bill Stiernberg)

Estelle is a rather naive and straightforward girl who is always energetic and positive. She is very boyish in appearance and attitude, and has a “hit first and ask later” attitude. When Estelle was six, her mother was killed in a war; his traumatizing event inspired Estelle to become a Bracer, as she chooses to be brave and courageous like her mother.

So this week I wasn’t sure who to draw. I was going to default to doing another Persona character, but then someone (Robert, that is)  suggested doing Estelle from Trails in the Sky, an Xseed published Falcom RPG for the PSP.

I don’t know a whole lot about the game other than that, and that it got really solid review scores! Should check it out.  Gotta love Xseed for bringing awesome stuff like this over!

So since I haven’t had a lot of spare time to do art this past week (Been making game maps, yay!) I decided to put together a short animation showing the steps I took to draw this picture:

Estelle Fan Art - Process (Bill Stiernberg)

Estelle Fan Art - Process (Bill Stiernberg)

It has GIF artifacty-ness but that’s okay, it shows the steps well enough!

Steps were:

1.  Rough “pose” sketch

2.  Rough body sketch

3.  Rough detail sketch

4.  Remove blue lines

5.  Full detail sketch

6.  fade for inking

7.  Ink

8.  Remove sketch

9. Base colors

10.  Shadows

11.  Highlights

12.  Background

13.  Light effects

14.  Clean-up

15.  Big light effect

16.  add signature

There are probably faster or better ways to do this, but it’s my current method!

I hope you found it interesting!

See you next week,

-Bill Stiernberg (bill_at_zeboyd on twitter.  Deviantart page.)

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