Zeboyd Weekly Art! (12/19/2012): Fiora, CSTW plushie, Anne sprite stuff

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Dec 192012

Hey everyone!

This week we have a fan art I did of Fiora (the Courtesan) from Assassin’s Creed, a really cool plush of Cthulhu someone did in his CSTW getup, and something I felt like sharing about spritework.

The Courtesan - Fiora Cavazza - Assassin's Creed (Bill Stiernberg)

The Courtesan - Fiora Cavazza - Assassin's Creed (Bill Stiernberg)

Fiora Cavazza was a courtesan recruited into the Templars; the Captain-General then used her as an envoy between his many Templar agents operating throughout Rome.

Fiora was eventually betrayed, and after surviving an attack from a murderer, she joined forces with the Assassins, and helped them take down the agents she had once collaborated with.

Fiora is a really cool Assassin’s Creed character.. but she doesn’t get a lot of lime light!   In fact I’m not exactly sure what game(s) she’s in.. haha.  There’s also not a lot of fan art of her out there, so I felt like doing one, and it was fun.  She’s got a really cool design, I think.  Anyway I drew her in a sort of cartooney style.  I’m still experimenting with different styles and ways to do things.  I kind of want to develop a cartoon-style of my own so that I can do neat, colorful art.  I’ve done some more detailed stuff in the past like Dude on a Walrus and it’s still goofy but man it took quite a bit of time to color that!

Next up is a really cool plush someone made of Cthulhu. Not just any Cthulhu but actually from CSTW:

Cthulhu Saves the World Plushie (mariosonic on DeviantArt)

Cthulhu Saves the World Plushie (mariosonic on DeviantArt)

Not only is it awesome that someone did a Cthulhu plushie (such as the excellent ones by CthulhuChick), but I LOVE how they put him in his CSTW in-game garb, and even gave him that furrowed-eyebrow scowl.  Awesome.

And finally for today I thought it’d be neat to share some preliminary sprites I did for Anne’s character in Rainslick3.

When I do a sprite, I have 16×24 pixels to work with (in Rainslick3 that is).  The issue with most spriting at this size is how to convey the character’s appearance, face, clothing, etc. with such limited space to work with.  Each dot, each shading on each dot, makes a huge difference.

So when I initially did Anne, I sorta instinctively tried to cram in as much of her character as I could.  The problem of course is that I wound up filling up the entire 16×24 space, making her look as tall as Gabe and Tycho.  The result is that she looked much older than her character ought to be.

Afterwards, I toyed with the height and narrow-ness of her face on the sprite to try and see if I could adjust the appearance of her age.  I would up with a really young Anne, a kid Anne, and basically a young adult Anne.

Anne's Sprite; range of ages

Anne's Sprite; range of ages

So just a few tweaks to her height and face made her look three distinct ages of the same character.  I took a poll and we decided that the middle-Anne sprite looked most appropriate for the character.  Not a little tiny kiddo but not a 20-something, but in between.

Hope ya find that sorta interesting 😛

I might have done a Holiday-themed artwork this week but I can’t think of what to do!  Any suggestions, maybe I’ll do it for next week?


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