Jun 192013

Hey everyone!  It’s Bill, I’m alive.  Been living under a rock finishing up on Rainslick4 the past few months, so now that the game is out, I can start up the weekly art column again!  Yay!

This week I am posting some art I made for Rainslick4 – Fish Force!  I made this for the PAX panel we did where we played a clip from the Fish Force theme.  I drew and colored the pic in a sort of 16-bit genesis style.

We are Fish Force! (B. Stiernberg)

We are Fish Force! (B. Stiernberg)


Next I’m posting some awesome art by we.are.the.armada, who drew up part of the cast from CSTW!

CSTW - by we.are.the.armada (http://wearethearmada.tumblr.com/)

CSTW – by we.are.the.armada (http://wearethearmada.tumblr.com/)


I’ve always really liked armada’s sketch-esque look and bold, simple coloring.  Armada drew this picture quite some time ago, but it was while I was still busy wrapping up RS4.  So now I must share it!  Check out more from armada here: http://wearethearmada.tumblr.com/


All righty, that’s it for now.  I’m gonna try to pick this column up weekly again now that out I’m out crunch mode.

Requests are always welcome too!  (although whether I do the request depends on time and how intrigued I am by the subect 😉


-Bill Stiernberg (bill_at_zeboyd on twitter.  Deviantart page.)

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