Feb 192014

Hey Everyone!

Not exactly doing this art column weekly these days, but I’ll try to get back into it.  Just busy with game dev.

For fun this weekend I drew some fan art from one of my favorite games of 2013, which is Zelda: A Link Between Worlds.

I really liked the look of the Princess of Lorule, Hilda – so I drew up some art of her!  Must be the purple/blue/red color combination, eh?  😉


Princess Hilda of Lorule - by Bill Stiernberg

Princess Hilda of Lorule – by Bill Stiernberg


In this pic I went with the approximate anatomical proportions as those used in the game, because I think it’s neat.  Also instead of doing my usual “clean linework” I decided to basically paint over my sketch.  I figured it would sorta kinda fit the theme of the game having the rough lines…. or something…. anyway hope you like it, it’s something different for me!


-Bill Stiernberg (bill_at_zeboyd on twitter.  Deviantart page.)


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