Dec 122012

Hey everyone!

This week I’m posting a couple of requests (Jean and Jim) and some really cool fan art of Umi (CSTW) by Rue of Blue Breeze.

Jean, from Lunar (by Bill Stiernberg)

Jean, from Lunar (by Bill Stiernberg)

Jean is a skilled dancer and martial artist.

As a child, Jean was brought up by a mysterious masked man who taught her the Shadow Dragon Fist. She escaped and lived as a dancer, but her past soon catches up to her. In the course of her adventure with Hiro, she once again finds herself face-to-face with her old master, who is still raising children to become assassins in his cult. She seeks to take him down!

She dresses as both a dancer and as a martial arts fighter.

So obviously I drew her in her dancer get-up! Actually it was a lot of fun drawing her.

Hope you like it! I should play Lunar one of these days.

Gotta love the classic Working Designs Sega CD rpgs.

Umi, CSTW (by Rue of Blue Breeze on DeviantArt)

Umi, CSTW (by Rue of Blue Breeze on DeviantArt)

Umi is sort of a ditsy girl whose obsession with the sea and its creatures is matched only by her obsession with Cthulhu himself!  So she joins his party out of love and affection.

This fanart pic is fantastic, I love how Rue really emphasized the ocean-nature of Umi’s hair.  I also love the simplification of her dress and the color scheme of this pic.  Great job!

Jim, Skull in a Jar (B. Stiernberg)

Jim, Skull in a Jar (B. Stiernberg)

Jim is a skull in a jar.

He was once a man, but he has since died. Some sort of dark mystical powers keep him conscious as a skull in a jar of some horrible green bubbly substance.

He joins the Startling Developments Agency as a guard, but fails to protect the Necrowombicon from theft by Dr. Blood. So Gabe and Tycho have little choice to trust him with anything… so they make him join their adventuring team to do battle! Of course.

This pic I drew a long time ago and isn’t high-res the way I normally post my pics here. It’s also not the best, so maybe one day I’ll do a better Jim!

Hope you enjoyed the article!  I’m still taking requests so if there’s a character from one of our games or some other game, let me know and if it sounds fun I’ll do it!  Also submit to me your fan art if you have any and I’ll post it here!
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