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Zeboyd Entertainment is proud to announce their upcoming game, Breath of Death VII: The Beginning for the XBox 360. Join Dem the Skeleton Knight, Sara the Ghost Historian, Lita the Vampire Techie, and Erik the Zombie Prince as they explore a world filled with the undead, searching for the secrets of the past. Some game features include:

Fast turn-based combat!
Retro visuals reminiscent of the best of 8-bit & 16-bit RPGs!
World map filled with several dungeons & locations to explore!
Frequent LVing up with a deep, yet easy to understand character upgrade system!
Special multi-character techniques & a combo count system add strategic depth to combat!

All this for the low, low price of 80 MS points ($1 USD)!

Breath of Death VII will be coming to XBox Live Indie Games in March-April of 2010.


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  1. Is it just me or were certain aspects of the visual style of the game inspired by Startropics? Or maybe I’m just seeing things, or it’s just a coincidence?

    As Startropics is one my favourite games ever, I approve either way.

  2. I can’t find anywhere on your site for support, so I’m posting here.

    I just purchased this game on Steam. It will not start. It installed successfully, but every time it tries to start, it shows the “Zeboyo Games” screen, shows a brief flash of a title screen, starts playing music, and promptly crashes–showing an error screen while the background music continues to play.

    The contents of the error screen are as follows (note that you cannot see to the end of each line, as they are in a window that is not resizable and cuts them off):

    ****CRASH LOG****
    Press Back to Exit
    Exception: An invalid operation was performed. Is your PlayerIndex corre
    Stack Trace:
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex playe
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Input.GamePad.GetState(PlayerIndex playe
    at BoDVIIPC.Game1.Update(GameTime gameTime) in C:\Users\ROBERT\doc
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.Tick()
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Game.HostIdle(Object sender, EventArgs e
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GameHost.OnIdle()
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.RunOneFrame()
    at Microsoft.Xna.Framework.WindowsGameHost.ApplicationIdle(Object s
    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.System.Windows.
    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ComponentManager.System.Wind
    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoopI
    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.ThreadContext.RunMessageLoop(
    at System.Windows.Forms.Application.Run(Form mainForm)

    I have completely uninstalled and reinstalled the game, the .Net Framework, the XNA Framework, and Windows Media Player. I have disabled Logitech SetPoint, disconnected my gamepad, and restarted the computer countless times.

    Nothing has had even the slightest effect. The game always crashes in precisely the same way, at precisely the same time, with precisely the same error message.

    For whatever it is worth, my computer exceeds the hardware requirements for the game in every way, and I am running WindowsXP with all drivers current.

    For what it’s worth, Cthulhu Saves the World also will not start, but does not give any error message–it simply has a white screen followed by Windows saying that Cthulhu Saves the World “has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

    Can anyone give me any help?

  3. I just played through the game, and I have to say it’s really excellent. I’m looking forward to playing cthulhu saves the world, and I hope that you continue to develop more games in the future. You’ve given some hope to the rest of the indie developers out there that they can make a great product with comedic value that also has integrity as a classic rpg.

  4. Will this game work with windows 7, 64 bit?

  5. Would love to actually play the game, but does not work on my PC – which from what I can tell is common enough (and have done everything to check and verify if everything is okay). Personally I am offended when I purchase a game and it does not work.

  6. I look forward to playing these all over again on the PC

  7. Brilliant!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH guys for a game from another area. Back when a good game wasn’t all about graphic, easy gameplay and a big cinematic sequence!

  8. I got this game back in December of 2010 and still love it so much 2 do in it and i say this game is by far 1 of the best xbox live indie games hands done great work guys and keep up the good work

  9. Please fix the eastern ruins bug. I have also killed the boss, got the glasses and I still can’t go north. Do I need to restart the game to try to get around this? Love the game other than this. I would really like to finish.

  10. Brilliant!! Please keep making more games like this. Reminds me of when RPGs were awesome.

  11. Yeah, can someone tell us why it’s the seventh one ? ….

  12. God, this game hit me unexpectedly! I was amused at 20XX and flipped my shit at the Phantasy Star 4 part(s). As an upstart indie dev myself, I must say this game is really inspiring. Fun, nostalgic goodness!

  13. Bought this a while back and thought it was awesome sauce. Nice work!

  14. This is a great game. Hope to see a sequel.

  15. @gg2u
    that’s the point

  16. this game is awesome i got all my friends playin it

  17. very nice game just played it ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Very fun game, was pleasently surprised by how large the game was and the quality of the parody. Some of the gags are pretty cheap and corny, but it always managed a chuckle out of me at least. I hated the combat at first but grew into it as I got more characters and leveled up a bit. My only true complaint is lack of some sort of mini-map or tracking where I’ve been… I must’ve spent an hour or two just walking around the last dungeon trying to find where to go.

    Still, I was very impressed and it’s probably the best deal on the XBOX 360 indie games currently. If you guys do manage a sequel I’ll certainly be buying it day one.

  19. I bought this game as soon as I heard about it. The combat is fast, but it feels like Dragon Quest 2-4 on NES which is a good thing. The artwork is obviously a spoof on the cliche characters from Toriyama which I find hilarious. The references to old games such as the quote from SOTN or the name of the first town, Palad-Lennus, lets me know these guys have been gaming for a long time. I wish you the most success, and I will be buying as many of your games as I can get.

    On a side note, I am pretty good with pixel-edit graphics via Gimp. I have a few sample sprites I’ve made in Gimp, as well as some fight backgrounds I made with Bryce. Is your team looking for any volunteer artists?

  20. Outstanding game, i played it for hours and hours i just couldn’t put it down. Any chance of you guys making another? ๐Ÿ˜›
    Also quick question, in one of the towns (i think it was the second?) There is a chest that when you try to open it says “The chest is locked, if you only knew somebody who could pick locks” or something along those lines. Were you supposed to go back for it or was it just a tease?

  21. To answer Evilbuster’s question about it being numbered as VII when there aren’t any before it, the game’s title refers to both Breath of Fire and Final Fantasy VII.

  22. Best indie game EVER!!!! I Love it- Its cheap, Its funny, great storyline and gameplay is alot like final fantsy,

  23. Brilliant, charming and extremely addictive. Surprising it’s only 80 points seeing as it’s so much better than most of the other more expensive indie games.

  24. That was not my Question!

  25. […] more information, visit Zeboyd’s website here or buy it […]

  26. Or does the XII means how “Papst Benedictus the 13th” like here “Breath of Death the 7th”?

  27. The Game is very exellent but why gives that Episode 7 and not 1,2,3,4,5 and 6?
    And gives a next Episode of Breath of Dead like Episode 8?

    Thats my 2 Questions

  28. Well my issue was when I picked up the goth girl in the town in ruins, I didn’t know the town was an dungeon in itself. I have had so much for playing this game…hope there is a sequel….hint hint.

  29. I must say I’m about an hour into this game and I think I love it already. Why are you only selling this for one dollar its worth so much more considering its supposed to have 4-6 hours of gameplay. You should re-release it as 400 Microsoft points and put some achievements on it. Perhaps you could make an expansion of about the same length and sell it with the original for 400 or even 800 MSP. I’m just suggesting you probably put a lot of work into it and deserve a lot of money ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. Hey.

    Just like to tell you that I’m a video game music junkie, especially when it comes to my JRPGs and I would like to extend a super-duper high five to the composer. Your battle theme is fantastic! A battle theme is a tough monkey to get right, and you did a great job making it catchy, powerful and fun, all the while never falling into the annoying spectrum.

    Great job!

  31. I saw this in a preview on rpgamer.com and liked the story from what I heard in their article. The Combo system and branching skills during lvl ups are interesting, mixing modern rpg elements with old school simplicity. Kinda refreshing not having to micromanage every little inventory item or skill point.

    Simply put it was simply addictive and I loved the pseudo references to Earthbound/Mother, Lufia/Estopolis and other Rpg’s. Look forward to any other releases but hopefully a continuation of BoD VII.

  32. Great game guys, please make more. An SNES graphics engine update for something with more humor would be tits

  33. Found out about this game from RPGfan.com, and i have to say that this game is great. The game design is set up like dragon quest / final fantasy games from NES era, which brings nostalgia back. The pacing of the game is great, i can speed through towns, dialogues, and battles (which is a nice touch if i die and have to start from last save point). The music is excellent and i think there should be an OST for this game. I like the encounter rate as compared to Dragon Quest, which has an incredibly high encounter rate to the point of insanity. Another note i like to add about this game is how it is a parody. I love JRPGs that is more about the humor rather than, “Must save the world,” or, “Must avenge my village.” I’m spreading this game through word of mouth, telling my friends that this game is just a buck. I hope Zeboyd will make more indie RPGs, i think they did an excellent job with this game so keep up the good work.

  34. where is dragonduck??!!??!!??!!

  35. Make sure you’ve gone through the entire eastern ruins (that’s the dungeon where you get your 3rd party member). When you beat the boss at the end of that area, you’ll trigger a dialogue sequence and you’ll be able to go through the northern cave after that.

    The other 2 caves in that area are optional and just give you extra treasure.

  36. I am having the same problem as sinslayer. I absolutely love the game but I have also searched the Eastern Ruins far and wide and still have no idea what I need to do to be able to proceed North into that cave and finish the game.

  37. Breath of Death VII will probably remain an XBox 360 exclusive. Sorry.

  38. will this be downloadable to pc?

  39. I picked up this game last night and only had a limited time to play so far, but I am already having a great time. The writing is very tongue-in-cheek and I’m enjoying that. Restoring hp/mp after each battle and limiting the number of encounters per dungeon are both great (and modern) design decisions. I will definitely be putting some more time into this one and thanks for making such a great (and affordable) game!

  40. Hey guys,

    I love to game. Got it this morning and played all day. Smart and funny, reminds me of the best parts of Dragon Warrior games. Love the parody angle. Just let me sell items and let me see maps in the next one.
    Great though. I like it a lot


  41. Bought it and love it, however am stuck….I cannot enter some cave until I explore the eastern ruins – of which I have done 3 times now, beat the boss and got the glasses…but nothing else. Is it a bug?

  42. gg2u doesn’t seem to understand.

    Looks great, guys! I’ll buy it!

  43. Looks like fun! We’ll pick it up. Always happy to see a quality game that doesn’t take itself too seriously.

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  45. All of your questions can be answered by 1 simple word – Parody.

  46. Why is it called Breath of Death VII? Where’s the other six?
    Also it looks like a cheap Dragon Warrior/Dragon Quest knockoff.

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