May 112011

Just got an email from Valve. Looks like we’ve been approved for release on Steam. 🙂

Haven’t worked out the details yet, but we’re planning on selling it for $3. Hoping to get it released by the end of the month.

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  1. Any updates? I’m itching to buy this on Steam 🙂

  2. Any progress on this perhaps? I await release eagerly.

  3. Awesomeness! I can’t wait to finally play it. Congratulations on getting the game on Steam!

  4. Do you worry about the whole “It’s only three USD so it must be trash” thought process?

  5. Nice to hear it, although I was a little confused at how I found this out on Joystiq and not on Kickstarter’s updates system.

    Still, really glad it got approved on Steam, and I can’t wait to see it finished. 😀

  6. Nice, it should come out just in time for me to be able to afford to nab it :). Looking forward to hearing more about your new game as well!

  7. I still say it’s a game worth *more* than $3 (especially given what you’ve added to it, good grief), but congrats either way, Robert, I am so unbelievably pumped for you. You are going to make a mint, brodog~

    And Wes, Steam doesn’t require an ESRB rating for indie games as they understand the process is time-consuming and monstrously expensive for independents. There’s just an understanding that you’ll disclose any “untoward” content ahead of time.

  8. I have been wondering if you require an ESRB rating to be published via steam.

  9. Thats great news guys! I hope the PC market is as receptive as the xbox indie games. How did the process work? Did you just show them your game and they eventually came back to you with a deal? Were there any problems with you not being tied to a publisher or LLC?

  10. Cool – Steam is a big step for a small developer and now I have 3 reasons to get myself a steam account.

  11. Does steam use that copyright protection on all games, or only on ones who ask for it? I plan on rebuying both games, and talking my friends into snagging them to, for the computer that is, but I won’t be touching a steam client, so if you are getting it up on some other outlets to, that would be good. My gripe with steam is you don’t own most, if not all, of the games you get from them, you are just doing a high tech form of renting.

  12. I am very glad for you guys. This was the answer to a question I have been musing over for awhile now.

  13. Congrats! I think Steam will be very good for your business.

  14. Oh and due to the various paperwork involved, it probably won’t come out this month. Probably next month though. 🙂

  15. Actually, I did some more thinking on the problem and I came up with a way that should let us get BoDVII working on the PC without too much time or work. I think we’re going to try to bundle both games together on the PC.

  16. Hey congrats! :). Hope to see your game in my steam account soon 😉

  17. It’s good to hear that the folks at Steam are on the ball. PSN next? Ha, ha. Joking.

  18. Day one Steam purchase. Lay it on me.

  19. Congrats! I wish you make enough profit to cover buying a pizza. That may seem mean and impolite, but that has always been my goal when selling art… make enough to cover your costs and get a meal too!

  20. We’d like to port BoDVII, but after we get CSTW up on the PC, our #1 priority is getting our new game ready (since we’re planning on having a booth at PAX to show it off). So yes, there’s a good chance that BoDVII will go up eventually, but not in the immediate future.

  21. Awesome! Any hopes of Breath of Death following it some time later?

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