Jun 202011

Latest update – I’ve got BoDVII running on Steam without any install file. What this means is that it will work fine if you already have the XNA prerequisites installed (XNA & .NET redistributables). Otherwise, it won’t. Obviously, this won’t do for many people who could potentially buy our games so if you’re an XNA developer with a Steam game and could send me your the install file you used for your game along with instructions on how to use it or get on IM and walk me through the process, I’d greatly appreciate it. This is the last major hurdle to pass before we can submit our game files to Steam and actually start selling our games. Thank you.

My GMail email address is rdespair at gmail dot com. Alternatively, my skype address is rainbowdespair.

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  3 Responses to “Steam Install file help”

  1. Are you still planning on adding the new content from CstW PC edition to the 360 version?

  2. Thanks for the tip! I had no idea that the install files were so easily found, but upon looking at one of the XNA Steam games that I own, I found the install file with ease.

  3. install files are usually include with Steam games, so if you have magikca / capsized / ares just look in the install directory

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