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Cthulhu Saves the World/Breath of Death VII combo pack coming to Steam & Gamersgate on July 13 for $3

Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII: The Beginning will be available on the PC for the first time on July 13th, 2011. The two games will be bundled together in a convenient combo pack that will sell for a mere $3 from Steam and Gamersgate. Friends and family of the developers attribute the low price to cosmic insanity, induced by the developer’s prolonged exposure to Lovecraftian monstrosities.

Cthulhu Saves the World:

The lord of insanity, Cthulhu was all set to plunge the world into insanity and destruction when his powers were sealed by a mysterious sorcerer. The only way for him to break the curse is to become a true hero. Save the world to destroy it in an epic parody RPG journey of redemption, romance, and insanity!

Not content to merely repackage existing content and sell it at an insanely low price, the PC version of Cthulhu Saves the World will feature numerous improvements over the original XBox 360 release. Dubbed the Cthulhu Saves the World: Super Hyper Enhanced Championship Edition Alpha Diamond DX Plus Alpha FES HD – Premium Enhanced Game of the Year Collector’s Edition (without Avatars!) or CSTW:SHECEADDPAFH – PEGYCE (WA!) for short, the new version will include such features as:

Cthulhu’s Angels game mode – Cthulhu is too lazy to save the world so he talks a bunch of beautiful women into saving it for him! This remix mode features new dialogue, new playable characters (Molly the Were-Zompire! Elonalina the generic healer! Dark Knight Umi! Low level October!), new music, new abilities, and much, much more!

Director’s Commentary mode – Specially marked commentary icons scattered throughout the game tell the inside story on how one of pop culture’s most popular cosmic monstrosities became an RPG hero for great justice!

Rebalanced Gameplay – Many abilities and monsters have been rebalanced for even silkier smooth RPG gameplay! Plus a new Insanity difficulty mode and new super-hard bonus dungeon have been added to challenge even the best players ability to grind out higher LVs (because they’re really not as skilled as they like to brag)!

Unlockable Character Bromides – Due to the frothing demand for sexy Cthulhu art!

As well as all of the great features of the original release such as:

Old school RPG style mixed with modern design sensibilities!
Inflict insanity upon your opponents for fun and profit!
6-10 hour quest with unlockable game modes & difficulty levels for increased replay value.
All of the great features players know and love from Breath of Death VII: The Beginning have returned โ€“ fast-paced gameplay, combo system, random encounter limits, branching LV-Ups, and more!

These enhancements will also be made available to owners of the 360 version of the game via a free patch released at or near the PC version’s release date.

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning:

Resurrect the classic era of RPGs with the retro parody RPG, Breath of Death VII: The Beginning. Join Dem the Skeleton Knight, Sara the ghost historian, Lita the vampire techie, and Erik the zombie prince as they explore an undead world in search of the secrets of the past. Laugh! Cry! Laugh some more!

Key features:

Old school RPG style mixed with modern design sensibilities!
Fast-paced turn based combat!
4-6 hour quest with multiple game modes & difficulty levels for added replay value.
Easy to understand branching character customization system with frequent LV-Ups.
Multi-character unite techniques and combo break system for added depth!
PC enhancements โ€“ Save anywhere functionality, new Easy mode, and new customization options.

Check out what the press are saying about our RPGs:

“It’s rare to find a game that is both entertaining and genuinely funny, and so farย Cthulhu Saves the World is both.”

“So when I say Cthulhu Saves The World is already one of my favourite games of 2011 you can be sure I’ve not been swayed by its astonishingly precise pastiche of early 1990s JRPG cliches, strident synth music, chunky menus and all. It’s simply a really clever, hugely enjoyable game, and it’s as much honest tribute as cheeky spoof.”

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning is a real surprise. It’s an RPG that feels like it was a classic from back in the day, but it doesn’t have any RPG hang-ups.”

“For an RPG whose sheer fun factor is on par with a lot of the $30 to $60 games people shell out multiple bills for, it’s an extreme bargain.”
-RPGFan Breath of Death VII review

Breath of Death VII: The Beginning/Cthulhu Saves the World
-Winner of RPGamer’s 2010 Best Downloadable award

For press inquiries and media assets for Cthulhu Saves the World, Breath of Death VII: The Beginning and Zeboyd Games, contact Robert Boyd at rdespair@gmail.com or visit our website at http://zeboyd.com

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  12 Responses to “Cthulhu Saves the World/Breath of Death VII combo pack coming to Steam & Gamersgate on July 13th for $3”

  1. I’d buy that for a dollar! … or three.

    I’ve been looking forward to the PC release for quite a bit. Thanks Robert!

  2. When can we expect the new 360 version :)?

  3. I’m not a developer, but I think it should be pretty obvious that a game made independently by three people isn’t going to have DRM. Licensing SecuROM and the like costs money.

  4. GamersGate, you say? I’ll definitely be nabbing from there.
    That is, provided it’s DRM-free.
    Steam I can put up with to some degree, but there’s no way in hell I’ll be nabbing something with SecuROM or StarForce regardless of the price.

  5. Awesomeness! Can’t wait. Shame I’ll be on vacation ’till the 16th ๐Ÿ™

  6. Day 1 purchase on Steam. Got em on the 360, but would love to have them on the computer. Thanks for your work with the Steam install, it sounds like it wasn’t easy, and I hope it pays off for you!

    I passed your release info onto bluesnews (which he linked), so I hope it drums up a few more sales for ya!

  7. Another vote for DRM Free version on GamersGate. I understand the concerns with casual sharing of digital download version, but nothing discourages me more from buying a sub $10 game from GamersGate than seeing it use SecuRom, Tages, or Frontline (renamed Starforce) as its DRM.

  8. Will the 360 version of CstW be getting the new content on July 13 as well?

  9. Is Gamersgate DRM-free, offline playable? I’ve had nothing but problems with steam.

  10. Thats the date I finish up two of my summer classes, perfect!

  11. \o/ YES can’t wait!

  12. Yahoo! Can’t wait!

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