Jul 142011

The success of our PC launch has been downright staggering to us. Before launch, I was thinking that it would be good if we managed to get in the #10-#20 best selling slots on Steam and stay there for a few days. In actuality, what happened is that we quickly climbed up the Top Sellers chart after we launched yesterday and ended up spending most of launch day in the #1 spot. Although I don’t believe I can share specific sales data at this time, all of us are ecstatic at how things are going.

And that’s just Steam. I don’t know how well the games are selling on Gamersgate yet, but I imagine they’re doing pretty good there as well.

Thank you to everyone who has supported us by buying our games, recommending them to friends, and offering suggestions and encouragement! We’ll try to make our future games even better!

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  1. Have you guys thought about a Japanese localization? This kind of quirky game with a lot of JRPG self-references would probably do great over there. Is that kind of thing delegated by XBL or is that even possible?

    I’d love to help you guys, I think you’re my new favorite indie developer!

  2. Your games are amazing and I loved Breath of Death, I played it over the course of 3 days on the hardmode, it was so good.

    Started on Cthulhu last night, you guys are bastards for making insane mode available from the getgo! I cannot resist a challenge and it is kicking my ass.

  3. Best €1.74 I’ve spent in recent memory 😀 I absolutely, positively, adore these retro-style games — especially ones with such loving attention to detail as these, both packed with humour and enjoyable gameplay. I purchased them on XBLIG at first but I’m not a fan of Microsoft’s policy of requiring a constant net connection to play IG, so I bought them again on the PC ^_^ First on GamersGate, then again on Steam.

    Fabulous work guys, very enjoyable games =)

  4. Hey guys, great job on your games. CSTW game is just plain fun and fast-paced. It’s refreshing to know there are developers that haven’t gotten stuck in ‘technology wars’ and are focusing on quality entertainment instead. Who would’ve thought you could breathe new life into an old-school RPG!

    I guess you can call me a Zeboyd Games fan now 🙂 Can’t wait to see what else you guys come up with!

  5. Enjoying these games immensely. Only problem I can see is that the Gamepad controls don’t seem to support USB HID gamepads. Is this a limitation of XNA?

  6. Bought the double pack from Steam last night. Been paying Cthulhu Saves the World for the last two hours.
    Loved every second of it! The characters, the humor, the graphics and the music!
    Reminded me of playing Shining Force II on Sega Megadrive/Genesis. Loved that game One of my all time favorites. That brings back memories 🙂
    Anyway, loving the game! Instant classic! Hope you keep making them because i’ll keep buying them! And I got to rescue a dog! Thats always nice 🙂

  7. You may or may not be mad for pricing the games so low but you sure do make fun games.

    Spent about 5 hours on C’thulu, so far it’s been amazing, especially considering I expected it to be a 1 hour long series of c’thulu related puns in the shape of an “rpg”.

    More than impressed, keep up the good work.

  8. Hope you guys do an Android version of this!!

  9. Just got home from vacation and rushed to my PC to buy the games. The price is absolutely RIDICULOUS. 2€? Seriously? Thank you for making these games available on the PC. I have a 360 but my country isn’t applicable for XBLI games. Now I can finally play these! Thank you!

  10. No, thank you for making a quality set of games. True gamers will spread the world of quality and it feels good to help an indie studio that has made two great games.

  11. Just wanted to say I am enjoying Breath of Death VII and will be playing through Cthulhu Saves The World next, Fun game. Glad to see someone making classic style rpgs, and the price is amazing, Looking forward to more from you guys in the future. Thanks for the fun.

  12. It realy deserve it! Seriously, I’ve never had as much fun on a turn based RPG since the first Pokemon, one of my favourite game. I’ve bought it on Gamersgate for 1€80, it’s nothing for this piece of awesomeness.

    *a wild donation button appears*
    Tehnloss use Paypal
    *Donation Confirm! It’s super effective*
    Worth it 😀

  13. Does this mean that the updated X360 version is now available?

  14. I had never heard of you guys until your game went on sale on steam, but I’ve been playing breath of death VII and it’s great so far! I’ve had a hunger for that retro sort game style, so please keep making them. I think there is a niche market out there for additional games of this style. If you could continue to come up with new settings, and branch out into other genres like steampunk, or sci-fi, I’ll most likely keep buying them at the price you are currently asking.

    Great work you guys!

  15. All I can say is: Welcome Home! I was very happy when I heard you guys were porting your game over to the PC as I was very interested in the game, but don’t own (and never plan to) own a current-gen console.:)

  16. Nice to see its doing well.
    Picked this up when it came out after hearing about it on RPS.

    But see, this is why you make PC games instead of xbox games :v

    Looking foward to whatever you do next~

  17. Sorry about doubleposting but does the steam release contain all the features mentioned in this article?

  18. I just saw this pack on steam and bought it immediately. It was a great choice to sell them on PC. I hope you make a lot more money on steam and will release all your future games on both xbox and PC. I wish you’d release a free PC DLC with PC humour related quest (DRM, online passes etc:)

  19. A guy I know (hi, Lumice) has a good taste in video games and was relentlessly pimping it. So I bought it and am very satisfied with my purchase. I love “back to basics” games that make me flash back to the early 90’s, they’re still fun and with modern tools small groups can churn out incredible amounts of content.

  20. I am snagging the gamers gate 4 pack this weekend, I have a few cousins I want to play the game who don’t own xbox’s.

  21. Congratulations, you deserve all the success! I still have to play Cthulhu Saves the World (i left the best for the end), but i’m already waiting for your next project(s). You just got a new fan, well, by looking at the sales there’s a lot of new fans. =)

  22. Hey, seeing the success on other platforms than the 360, are you planning on porting to other systems/OS?

  23. Congrats! Is the game still in XNA / C#? It is great to see you help pioneer the path from XBLIG to Steam, hope you don’t give up on the X-Box.


  24. Both BoDVII and CSTW now have TVTropes Pages.

    Feel free to add Tropes, and spread the word! 😛

  25. will this 2 awesome games come out for PS3?

  26. I just want to say Cthulhu Saves The World is a great game! I have had much fun and laughed my ass off. Many of the annoyances of old RPG’s I loved have been addressed nicely and as a fan of Lovecraft, I find this very entertaining. Thank you for making this thing and putting it on the PC so those of us who don’t have an Xbox can play it. I haven’t played Breath Of Death VII yet, having too much fun with Cthulhu Saves The World (when I have spare time) to try it out.

    I wish I knew why someone would rent it on Steam when you can own it from Gamersgate, but hey, whatever works.

  27. Your games deserve it. I got keys for steam on your Twitter giveaway but I will buy them on Gamersgate just to support those cool games. And I plan to make a giveaway myself on my on blog at sometime.

    Anyway, I suggested the games to a few friends and they bought them. I guess the will also like them 🙂

    I look forward to your new game!

  28. :Clap: :Clap: :Clap:

    I believe you made a lot, that is at least 100 grand on a slow day for Steam.

    Gives me hope that:
    1.) Steam will be more open to XNA games, they have only seen good results so far (particularly macikca, which also opened paradox’s doors)
    2.) More good XNA indies will start heading to PC and making the money they deserve. And that the weaker ones won’t even have the know how to properly plan for all the various pc’s.
    3.) That good JRPG’s will make a come-back
    4.) That I can tell my children that the major high-grade RPG studio Zeboyd had me buying things from them at the start.
    5.) That you will build dedicated pages on this site for each game you make!

  29. Congrats! Is it still coded in XNA?

  30. I bought 4 copies of these games on Steam, true story. Very glad to hear about the success of Zeboyd and I hope your guys’ next game will be even better thanks to this 🙂

  31. I’d heard good things about them, and Steam was all, “buy this for three bucks,” so I was like, “okay.” So, congrats on fulfilling your ambition and whatnot.

  32. Putting it in the 3$ range was definitely a good marketing move, since I doubt people would be willing to buy the games so soon after the Summer Sale if it was even in the 5$ range. But 3$ on Steam hits that sweet spot where it’s considered to be almost free. It’s uncanny, people will buy two 3$ games almost instantly, but would consider all the pros and cons for a 5$ game for like an hour.

  33. Glad you’re doing well. If TotalBiscuit reviews your game i’m sure your game will go back to #1. Waiting for their ‘WTF is’ video for your game. Anyway cheers.

  34. This is so awesome – I really hope it will sell so well you never have to work again (by this I mean of course that game development is not considered work if you do it the way you want it and that you never have to take a day job again).

    Time for me to get myself a steam account, try out all the demo codes I still have for it and buy another copy of two of my favorite rpgs. Good luck guys!

  35. Yeah $3 on PC is nothing for a quality game, but on XBLIG people are skeptics. So many $3 games are complete garbage so people stop even looking at XBLIG for the most part. Sadly most of the market for XBLIG is the 12-16 year old crowd. Now this isn’t always a bad thing, but for some high quality titles like Sequence, BoDVII and others it just isn’t the right market for those games.

    Even our latest game has had a ton of sucess and positive reviews/feedback. However even though the game has: Online Multiplayer, 10+ Single Player Adventure, Level Designer, Etc. For $3 some people still want to see a ton more in the game. (Please add online co-op in a free update, etc.) I like the enthusism, but I think on the PC market people are generally a little more acceptive of low price games and feel like it’s a bargin. (Not saying no fans do, because we have a ton of awesome fans as well.)

    Just interesting comparing the markets and reactions.

  36. You are certainly welcome :). I already have some cash in my steam “wallet” for the next game 😉

  37. I’m glad to see you guys on PC, I have been playing your games non stop since yesterday and I’m eager to buy whatever you come up next with. Thanks for creating such great games (especially Cthulhu) 😉

  38. Your quote earlier about “$3 on Live vs $3 on the PC” is very true. $3 on the pc is nothing.

    Glad it’s doing well, looking forward to seeing what the new project when it’s revealed.

    Thanks for the great games!

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