Aug 262011

Zeboyd Games is pleased to announce that we are currently working on Penny Arcade Adventures: On the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness Episode 3.

Yes, we’re serious.

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  1. Man this game is AWESOME. sooooooooo funny. Laughed out loud several times! I hope you guys will make more like this one ;p

  2. Good to see there will be a third. I just hope you guys patch bugs and don’t do what happened with episode 2. Felt like there were more loading screens then actual game play content. There was also the unknown framerate issues that seemed to only effect newer computers =/

    So with that said please make a better game then hothead’s episode 2 was. =/

  3. i’m happy to see the series continued, but i gotta admit, i liked the style of the first 2 episodes. Sprites won’t feel right to me.

  4. Congratulations, Zeboyd team! That’s awesome news! I’ve really enjoyed your games so far, and I’m looking forward to seeing what you do with the Penny Arcade characters and story.

  5. Our past games were all in native 720p and PAA3 will be as well.

  6. I just have one question. Which I will get to in a second or so. I’m not how I feel about Episode taking on a new look. I really liked the first two games and the style. I kinda want it to stay the same. I bought both Games on the XBLA. The after I heard Episode Three was cancelled. I bought both Games on Steam to show my support. That I was still interested in the series. Not really sure if I should feel Angry because of a Graphics being different or Happy the Series is continuing. I feel if the game is going to be completely different. That it shouldn’t be called Episode Three at all. Pick a different title for the Game. Now that my rant is over. On to my Question.

    Is this Game going to have native 720p/1080p support or will you just do crappy ass 480p then upscale it to HD Resolution? I’m asking this based on your past games. I really hope its native and not upscale. Nothing worse then an extremely blurry 480p game on a HDTV. I simply won’t buy it at all. You can still do native 720p/1080p and keep the retro look of the game. I wish I never wasted my money on MegaMan 9 because of this.

  7. BoDVII=Funtastic Happiness & CStW=Brain Melting Joy… I’m still on the fence of if i should give anything Penny Arcade. but I will say this. If Zeboyd keeps this trend of “rocking great stuff” out into the wild. I will most likely buy it as I really respect the body of work I’ve played thus far.

  8. Let me pose my hopes for the PAA games:
    1. A notification upon leveling up which choice is a new ability and which is an upgrade for an already picked ability
    2. Less mazy dungeons or a map. The dungeons on Cstw can get really really tiresome. The original PAA games were pleasantly un-mazy. So either less maze or a map!

  9. I had never heard of the Penny Arcade games before I went to PAX, but once I learned Zeboyd would be making the third installment, I bought the first two immediately upon returning home. They’re fun, and I’m looking forward to seeing you guys do even better.

  10. Best news ever. It could not have been tasked to a better team!

  11. I’m sad, I was really hoping for an old school styled RPG ala BoD7 and CStW. I’m sure it will be well executed and fans of the other two games will like it.

  12. While this game does sound neat, I have to bother to ask: Will it be cross platform?

    Part of what I liked about the first PAA was the support for Windows, Mac, and, especially, Linux.
    On top of that, if no Linux support is seen, will there at least be some love for PS3 players?

  13. I agree with TheSwordUser. After Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII, I was excited when I heard that Zeboyd was working on a new game. Once I finally heard that the game was Penny Arcade Adventures episode 3, I was disappointed. I was hoping for another unique, quirky, awesome game from Zeboyd, rather than a continuation of an intellectual property that never resonated with me. Maybe the new episode will be the very things I mentioned, and I’m sure Zeboyd will put their own spin on it, but it’s definitely not my thing.

  14. Massive congratulations to you guys. I knew you’d hit a chord with the PA guys, but never quite to this level. I’m sure this whole experience will serve to further reinforce things. I was wondering how you came up with the cash to put that leaflet in 60k swag bags – now I know. Kudos! =)

  15. nice! i was so sad to see the series get cancelled and i even tried getting the rights to make it myself. it’s great that somebody will do it though.
    i don’t even mind the graphical changes.
    please make it for mac as well. if needed maybe i can help with that port.

  16. Im with you on this Sword. I wanted my zombie parody rpg BRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAINS not an established IP i have little to no interest in. But congrats anyway Zeboyd after this i hope you get back to doing your own ideas and i mean that in a good way.

  17. Huzzah!
    Been waiting forever for this. If you get into the thick of it and find you need some extra animators/artists I’d love to work on a Precipice title.

  18. Quite the coup — congratulations!

  19. Now, one the face of it, this is good news. However, it also raises several questions:

    Will Episode Three contain the plot/details already posted in text form over on the PA homepage, or will it go in a new direction?

    Will there still be a character creation for our protagonist, only in sprite form? Or will the ‘play as yourself’ protagonist idea be dropped entirely?

    While the game itself will be 2-spites, will there be the occasional comic-style cut-scenes?

    Given your recent success with Cthulhu and BoD VII, is it safe to assume Steam is a lock as one of the platforms the game will appear on?

    Will the battle mechanics still include timed hits? Please say yes.

    Thanks for your time.

  20. Wow! I would never have anticipated this. Congratulations on acquiring this IP. You dudes will do a fantastic job.

  21. I was actually really disappointed to hear this announcement. I don’t know what I expected the next Zeboyd game to be, but I didn’t expect it to be a licensed IP.

    Still, I’ll probably buy it, because of how much I enjoyed CStW and BoDVII, as long as it’s on Steam, of course 😉


    Seeing you, and them, and this, it’s…completely unexpected. But, having kept up a bit with you, and those games, and… completeness awaits. Make Us Proud, Boyd!

  23. This is great news, I had pretty much the same reaction as Adam when I first found out.

    The only thing I’m wondering is if my save will carry over. There are some things in episode 2 that were supposed to unlock stuff in episode 3. I’m just psyched that this is happening, but it would be even cooler if this were implemented.

  24. So RPGFan says that this will be a sidescrolling RPG. is that accurate, or are they misquoting you guys? If it is accurate, then can we expect an experience like Popful Mail on Sega CD or maybe something like Wanderers from Ys III?

  25. Huge congrats, guys! I’m totally psyched! Just you guys doing another game is awesome, but being able to use the PA universe is even better! I can’t wait!

  26. OH MY GOD! Ohmygodohmygodohmygod


    I thought this day would never come, a sequel to the Rainslick Precipice of Darkness AND IT’S MADE BY ZEBOYD GAMES!? Words cannot express how FRICKIN’ AWESOME AND SUPERCOOL THIS IS!

    sorry for the caps, I am so happy you guys are doing this.

  27. Then I made a mistake deleting savegames from Episode 2. Will there be an import save option? I had every bonus unlocable possible and they were said to be carried over to episode 3 for special bonus.

  28. It might have been developed in secret quite some time as it is hard to live up for the part 1 and 2 what are mix of 3D and 2D.

  29. Awesome! Are the PA guys directly involved or did they simply sign off on the idea?

  30. Here’s hoping the great IP backing bring money, and that the money bring iPhone and Android versions.

  31. More information will be revealed at PAX East in April, so the release date must be after that.

  32. I am going to guess you are going to find a way to continue the series to both xbox and ps3 since the first 2 games are on both, along with pc? Just curious.

  33. Holy shit! No wonder you guys have been so secretive. Any word on a solid release date beyond just 2012? Now i really need to go finish ep. 1-2

  34. I hope it all goes well!
    Shame you aren’t working on one of your own more original games though.

  35. GASP. Action sidescroller I hope? D:

  36. You can kill me/bite my head off/make me insane later if you want, and I might be the only one who thinks so, but I’m slightly disappointed. Well, maybe because after Cthulhu Saves the World and Breath of Death VII I kidna expected an original idea. Also I’m not really interested in Penny Arcade and I’m against episodic content in general. Well at least theres demo avaiable for both episodes on steam, so I’ll give them a spin and see how they play. Maybe I’ll “learn” to love this series.

  37. Is this going to be a XBLIG or a full out XBLA game?

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