Oct 222012

Fun announcement time!

On Thursday, October 25th, the second major piece of free DLC for Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 will be released! Entitled “The Lair Of The Seamstress” this DLC adds a new bonus dungeon filled with some of the hardest boss battles in the game. To access this new dungeon, go to the top floor of the Class Shrine when all of your classes are LV40 or higher. The free DLC also includes a new costume pack for our heroes – Zombies! Now, Gabe, Tycho, and Moira can eat brains with the best of them! The update will come to both the PC & XBox Live Indie Game versions at the same time (the XBLIG update has already passed peer review so no worries there).

Thursday, October 25th, will also mark the release of the iPhone/iPad, Android, and Mac versions of Rain-Slick 3! The mobile versions are great with much better touch controls this time around than they were with the Cthulhu Saves the World port. And I’ve mentioned this before but it’s worth mentioning again – any purchase of the game on Steam gets you both the PC version & the Mac version; there’s no need to buy the two versions separately. Oh and of course, the new ports of the game will include the Lair of the Seamstress DLC right from the start.

The final (and biggest) piece of free DLC for Rain-Slick 3 is currently scheduled for December release. And the conclusion to the On Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness series, Rain-Slick 4, should be coming out sometime early in 2013.

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  7 Responses to “Rain-Slick 3 Free DLC & the iOS, Android, and Mac ports coming out this Thursday!”

  1. When will the Xbox version get a patch that fixes the Hark Mansion crash?

  2. Hummm, played through DLC,i t was cool, I enjoyed it although brief my biggest concern was that it was actually pretty easy. The final boss of it all was probably the most dissapointing as they only got a handful of turns (slows+interrupt) and all in all it was much less challenging than my nightmare playthrough.

    Which I get, as when you say “be prepared for challenge” you’re not implying it’ll make you claw your eyes out in rage but it was definitely suprirsing how much easier than nightmare it was (or whatever hardest is called)

    Good work, loved the new enemies, the fights were interesting and the reward will be fun to try out.

    Are there any future DLC planned? (Pay is fine :D)

  3. Great news. I have looking for some good rpg games my my iPad, as most action games with touch controls are just not good enough for us, the consoles / PC gameres.

  4. Looking forward to the last DLC. I’ll actually sit down and play through after it comes out. For some reason, when i know DLC is coming, I usually end up waiting for the final “full” product before I play it.

  5. Yes, the DLC will be included in the iOS port.

  6. Will the DLC be released for the iOS port too? And will it be free as well?

  7. Great news, looking forward to the new ports!

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