Nov 072012

Today I have for you a piece of art and a short story that I hope you enjoy.

Dude on a Walrus.  Wait, what?  (Bill Stiernberg)

Dude on a Walrus. Wait, what? (Bill Stiernberg)

“You gotta wonder what’s going on with these two.” – Rain-Slick 3.

This is one of the top fan-favorite enemies in Rain-Slick 3. It’s probably THE top, with only the Chronosaur (er, I mean Epochosaurus) as a potential runner-up.

This guy.. his design came about when I was digging through all the past decade+ worth of Penny Arcade comic strips looking for ideas for enemies. One of the comics featured a peek into Gabe’s mind, where he was riding a walrus and eating ice cream.

Specifically:  Looking Glass Forever!

We decided we had to do SOMETHING with that, and so I figured that only the most gentlemanly and dapper of individuals would best befit riding a walrus whilst eating ice cream.

I drew him up along with many other enemies. I created a text file with a list of names indicating which enemy is which on each sprite sheet so as to keep them organized and let Jerry Holkins (Penny Arcade’s Tycho) know which was which so that he could give each enemy a new name and a funny description.

The temporary name I put on the text file for this one was, “Dude on a Walrus.”

The name stuck!!!!!


There you have it.

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  1. I’ll post an animated gif of the Dude / Walrus enemy in the art column tomorrow, 🙂

  2. Okay, I gotta ask. Any chance of an animated GIF of the in-game sprite that I can use as a forum avatar?

  3. While we’re on the subject of Rainslick 3… where is the mac steam version? I would much rather purchase it on steam than the app store…

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