Feb 152013

Wildman – $504k ($1.1 mil goal). Cancelled.
Freedom Planet – $25k. Finished.
Unwritten: That Which Happened – $78k. Finished.
Cryamore – $157k. 10 days left.
Asylum –  $78k ($100k goal). 12 days left.
Dreamfall Chapters – $793k ($850k). 22 days left.
At the Gates – $54k. 20 days left.
Worlds of Wonder – $50k ($400k goal). 14 days left.
ROAM – $76k. 9 days left.
Death Inc. – £55k (£300k goal). 19 days left.
Delver’s Drop – $29k ($75k goal). 25 days left.

In recent kickstarter news, the Wildman campaign has been cancelled and its creator has blamed kickstarter for its failure. Yeah, it’s obviously kickstarter’s fault and not that it’s hard to maintain confidence in a studio’s ability to deliver a quality game right after they’ve gone and fired most of their staff. All is not lost for Gas Powered Games, however, as World of Tanks studio, Wargaming, has acquired them for an undisclosed sum. In more positive news, Dreamfall Chapters has raised nearly a million dollars in about a week, putting it on track to becoming one of the highest funded video game kickstarters to date.

Not much this week in terms of new kickstarters to look out for, but I did spot two that I thought sounded interesting. The first is Throw Trucks With Your Mind – a multiplayer FPS where “you’ll fight entirely through NeuroSky’s MindWave headset peripheral that reads the electrical activity of your brain.” It’s up to $11k of its $40k goal with 26 days left to go.

The second is Genocide Dolphins. I have no clue why it’s called that, but it’s a FPS with a really trippy visual style. It’s only at £417 raised of its £5k goal with 12 days left to go, but the goal is modest enough that I could see a last-minute recovery.

That’s it for this week!

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  1. Which, ultimately, is both good and bad. On one hand, Wildman had some promising ideas underlying it, so it’s a shame to see it fail natural selection’s oh-so-unforgiving test. But on the other, the idea that GPG could survive at all is quite an improvement from what Taylor himself told me at DICE . So, assuming everything works out, it’s not entirely doom and gloom. Just, you know, mostly, given that heaps of people have already been laid off, and more could very well follow.

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