Apr 162013

Precipice of Darkness 4 has a number of little bonus dungeons scattered here and there where you can gain some extra XP & items so we thought it would be fun to have one of them be a reference to the initial cave in Breath of Death VII.

Here are some comparison shots:

Screenshot Comparion #1





Screenshot Comparison #2




Screenshot Comparison #3




Screenshot Comparison #4




On the process of converting the map into Precipice of Darkness 4’s style, Bill had this to say:

“It took less than an hour to rebuild the Breath of Death cave in Rainslick4.  To do so I simply took tiles I had from another cave dungeon, as well as some from Cthulhu Saves the World.  After tweaking the hue and adding some detail and touchups, I was able to rebuild Breath7’s first dungeon in the quality of Rainslick4 in less than an hour.”

Of course, this got us to thinking, it might be fun (and not too difficult) to do remakes of Breath of Death VII & Cthulhu Saves the World for the Vita as a learning experience in working with the Vita hardware. Obviously the visuals would be revamped, but we’d probably also add some new content as well. What do you think?

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  37 Responses to “Screenshots of Breath of Death VII remade in Precipice of Darkness 4! Demand for full-blown Vita remakes?”

  1. I would adore a Vita release, searching to see if such a thing existed is how I found this page in the first place. Please make it so!

  2. I would love to see all your games on Vita, 3DS, or both, remade or not! And yes, sequels!!!

  3. Your new Idea posted on GAF is definitely a much much better decision. And gimme those sequels!!!

  4. Please don’t REMAKE, but instead MAKE a new game base on that. One Square-Enix is enough.
    You can choose to make the Breath7 or Clu’s successor with the whole new story in the same world.
    This would save a lot of development time and also give us great shiny new games.

  5. I really hope this means it will also come out on Steam and, even more hopefully, on Mac! I still haven’t played BOD7 or CSTW 🙁

  6. Would love your games on Vita. Hope this happens.

  7. Not only would I love to play these on the Vita (once I get one, which assuming the time until release for PA4 plus the development time for these, I would almost definitely have a Vita by the time you release these updates), but I really like the idea that you can cut your teeth on developing for a new system with ports of games you’re familiar with rather than with CSH. Ideally, porting these games would make CSH even better.

    P.S. Is the SH in CSH a reference to Sweet Home?

  8. Greenlit!

    Where do I sign? When do I pay?

  9. I have nothing against the Vita, I just have only been able to afford 1 next gen portable system and the 3DS seemed the much better choice for my JRPG needs (( EO4, Soul Hackers, Project X Zone, SMT IV)) but I would be very sad to not be able to play these new remastered versions. If you do go this route, please release it on Steam as well, I know I would glad buy them again.(( and probably for a number of my friends like I did with the previous games))

  10. Can honestly say the Vita is one place I won’t follow this company. I just can’t get over its price tag with everything that is needed in order to play a game. Also, I don’t really want a console experience on the go.

    I do hope you consider the Nintendo E-shop as well. If you made a 3ds version you could just make the bottom screen show maps and require no input from the player, and on the Wii U you could make it so the game is T.V. or switch it over to play on the controller. You wouldn’t need any touch controls at all. There is no reason to try to shoehorn stuff into the games, people will enjoy them as is, especially with a graphics touch up like you are suggesting.

    I figure if you would make the games for one lackluster system, might as well make them for another system that hasn’t caught its wind yet as well, twice the sales and fan potential.

  11. an updated remake! im in!. vita baby!

    so… you want my money now?

  12. Vita remakes?

    That would be amazing! I can’t fathom a better platform for these remakes. I’d buy them in a heartbeat, as would many others.

  13. Heck to the yes. Please do.

    I’d love to have your games on a handheld.

  14. I would absolutely buy those games again if they were ported/remade for the Vita with Trophy support ! 😀
    Day 1 purchase !

  15. Tim: We’ve gotten to know / know of several devs who are already succeeding quite handily on the Vita and PSN. But the goal isn’t just a Vita release; the goal is to move our tech onto something better suited for multiplatform purposes. Vita would be one initial end result, but presumably so would PSN and would open the door to expanding our games across other platforms going forward. That said, additionally, Sony has been offering some very good terms for indie devs.

  16. Just some general businessadvice, since I love your games and don’t want you to go under. Unless someone else is paying you A LOT of money, you shouldn’t even consider doing any Vita development ever. While I think that it is an awesome little machine, the install base renders developing for it vastly counter productive, particularly given your price points.

    Unfortunately, if you go down this path you will substantially increase the risk that your company will not survive.

  17. I’m throwing money at the screen. Why isn’t anything happening?

  18. If you love the Vita so much why don’t you just make games for it?
    Wait, that’s not how it goes…

  19. Despite already finishing your first 3 games, I’d buy them all again on the Vita. I might even buy them for friends who haven’t played them. 🙂


  21. Someones gotten to have a whole lot more fun with his maps! The changes are awesome. Its so much nicer when its hard to tell where each “tile” starts and ends.

  22. I would absolutely love Vita ports/remakes of those games. Day 1 purchase for me.

  23. Yes. But make it PSN so I can play it on my PS3. Please please please 😀

  24. Yes please! I have BoD and Cthuhlu on Xbox. They are much better suited to the Vita. Would love to play them on the go, esp. if you revamp the graphics. But any of your games in any form on the Vita would be a treat.

  25. Dem looks … fleshier … in the remake. Can’t quite put my finger on it.

    Seriously though, I would gladly buy BoD VII and CStW on a handheld system (Vita or 3DS) if they were given graphical and system updates.

    Reeeeeeeally can’t wait for PoD 4. As soon as there’s a pre-order date, I’m there.

  26. I would gladly buy these on Vita. Having a great time with PSP RPG but I’d love more ‘native’ releases.

  27. Y’know that Nintendo seems to have a serious hard-on for indies on the eShop recently. I’m just saying…

  28. If the new content was substantial enough I might get them after I get a Vita (which I do plan on getting at some point), but I already own your games on 2 platforms (Xbox & PC) and have beaten them both (including Cthuluh’s Angels). So just a graphic up date no matter how good wouldn’t be enough for me.

  29. What Josh said!

  30. I have a Vita and rarely play it for lack of good games. I also haven’t gotten around to BoD yet, so I’d definitely love a remake on Vita.

  31. Yes, PLEASE. I’d love you even more than I do now!

    And if you can somehow get all the rainslick’s and do them in your style for the Vita I’d be good money to see that. (Do I hear kickstarter calling….?)

  32. I love your games. I love RPGs. I love handhelds.

    So why wouldn’t I love BoDVII & Cthulu on the Vita?! Even if they were straight ports, I’d buy them. But throw in updated RS4 graphics and trophies?! Damn, I’d them again on my wife’s PSN account in addition to my own!

  33. To be honest, I’d be prepared to get a Vita primarily for BoDVII and CStW if you did this.

  34. Holy cow, that looks amazing. Having that on Vita would be a heck of a treat, indeed.

  35. Yes please, I would love those for the vita!

  36. Definitely. I love the Vita, I prefer RPGs on handhelds and I love your games. Why would I say no?

  37. Holy crap, looks amazing!

    I don’t have a Vita and don’t plan on getting one (ever, regardless of how many buttons/sticks/touchpads they add), and I already own all your games on Steam, but I’d love Windows/Linux/Android versions of the face-lifted versions.

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