May 202013

It’s announcement time!

Today only, you can get a free Steam code for Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3! Just go HEREΒ to get your free code. No catches, just go there and get a free copy of our most recent game!

Why are we giving away a free copy of one of our games? Because we want everyone to get excited about the final game in the series, Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4, which is currently scheduled to come out on Friday, June 7th! Yes, we now have a release date!


We hope you all enjoy your free copy of the third game while you eagerly wait for the fourth game to come out (which everyone here agrees is easily our best game to date)! Have fun!

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  20 Responses to “Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 free for today only & Precipice of Darkness 4 Official Release Date”

  1. I was just wondering if the release date is the same for Xbox 360 indie games? Looking forward to playing it.

  2. Hello Zeboyd!!! I’m new to the blog/dev site, but not to gaming… I found out about you guys thru this series (penny-arcade adventures) and I have to say I’m pleased you picked up the 3rd (and 4th) installment(s)… The class leveling system of the 3rd game is really unique, and I had a blast mixing and matching various arch-types to see the differing results… With that said, looking forward to the 7th of this upcoming month πŸ˜‰ (I played all 3 games on XBL so far, and will have my 400 ms pts ready for it’s release πŸ˜‰ Yesterday I downloaded Breath of Death VII… And I’m going to be a bit critical here: The game is “raw”, but for it being the company’s first endeavor, It’s still a pretty fun game to play! Classic 8 bit graphics and almost “too retro” to a fault, but it sets the mood… I feel 20 years younger when grinding thru BoD VII, and that’s the best thing about the experience! You guys captured the nostalgic feel of RPG gaming made (cult) popular in the late 80s… Almost finish with completing BoD, so after I get deep into PA’s OTRSPOD 4, I will be looking forward to downloading “Cthulhu saves the world”… FYI I went on youtube to see a walkthrough of CSTW, but had to cut it short after seeing the tutorial-esq first stage of the game… Very funny jokes that shouldn’t be spoiled πŸ˜‰ So I’m looking forward to that as well… Point being, I’m now an official fan of ZEBOYD games!!!! Keep up the great work, and looking forward to the post Rain slick 4 game… I hear it’s suppose to be a “Sci-Fi” adventure…. Which will be frickin AWESOME!!!!

  3. I am excited to see what new features you have implemented in your next game. 15 days to play through Penny Arcade 3 again, well, that should be doable. Are you planning to give free copies of PA4 too? I am willing to pay for your new game but I am willing to wait too.

  4. Aww.. it says no suitable graphics card. I’m on a brand new Windows 8 laptop.

  5. Looking forward to the new game. Sounds awesome.

  6. thanks for the code.. I loved the first two chapters of the saga….

  7. will there be a chance to pre-order the game and also when??

  8. I can’t get code, it tells me “Could not open socket” is my code. Anyone know how to resolve this?

  9. Thanks for the code! I was really looking forward to play this.

  10. Booted up the game. It loaded fine but my walking speed and the battle animations were all in hyperdrive. Was using an Xbox wired controller, but also had the same problem with the keyboard. Do you know of anyway to fix that?

  11. Each time i keep getting duplicate product code…

  12. It`s working now!

  13. Service unavailable. =(

  14. @UthersonL: It all depends on definition. If ‘right away’ means the 7th of june, than you are absolutely correct. Otherwise happy waiting πŸ˜‰

  15. I had to submit the captcha a few times (about 5 or so) before it gave me a key. it might be set up to do that on purpose. Thanks for the free game, PA!

  16. Yep broken for me too, can’t get past captcha.

  17. ‘Duplicate product code’. Meh

  18. @Zackasaur the key appears at the top of the site, and the capcha appears again regardless if you put it right or wrong so i dont blame you for dont seeing th key (i didnt either)

  19. This is awesome! … But it’s not working for me. :c

    When I hit the submit button, all I get is another captcha. I am absolutely entering them correctly, and this problem persists on different computers and browsers.

    I’ll definitely come back when this is resolved. Thanks!

  20. Cool! Is it going to hit Steam Store right away, though, or not? Because I don’t see episode 4 on offer (European Steam Store if it matters).

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