Aug 092013

Previous Kickstarters

Warmachine Tactics – $1.43 million. 13 hours left.
Legend of Iya – $56k ($75k goal). 2 days left.
Project Ravensdale – $52k ($500k goal). 7 days left.
Precinct – Canceled.
Codename Cygnus – $12k. 2 days left.
Chroma Squad – $68k. 11 days left.
Tom vs The Armies of Hell – Canceled.
CANDLE – $23k ($40k goal). 7 days left.
Bring Revolution 60 to PC & Mac – $6k. 20 days left.
Crypt Run: Death is Just the Beginning – $7k. 2 days left.
Insignificant – $4k. 13 days left.
Dwarven Delve – $7k ($60k goal). 20 days left.

New Kickstarters

Ghost Song – $19k raised ($15k goal). About 1400 backers. 26 days left. 2D Sci-Fi Metroidvania.

Proton Pulse Rift – $3k raised ($3k goal). About 240 backers. 28 days left. 3D Oculus Rift Virtual Reality Super Breakout (or Arkanoid or one of the many other brick breaking games).

Pro Pinball: Timeshock! – £25k (£40k goal). About 540 backers. 36 days left. Remake of 1997 pinball game, Timeshock!

Crowdfunding Tip of the Week

Be extremely careful with physical rewards. They’re more time-consuming to create than digital rewards and drastically more expensive to produce. Keep in mind that you have to ship them as well and for rewards that have unusual shapes or are easily damaged (like posters), this can be especially expensive. Remember, that your goal with a kickstarter is not to generate the highest total but rather to raise the most money for your game’s development – cheap, high quality physical rewards are an easy way to raise your total funding, but if you have to spend several months fulfilling rewards & most of the money you raised ends up going towards creating & shipping physical rewards, you’ve just managed to create a bunch of extra work for yourself and little else.

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  3 Responses to “The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of August 9, 2013”

  1. @Babaganoosh13 Makes me shake my head too. “For an additional ten dollars, and a bit of shipping, I can get a large shirt, a bunch of stickers, a guide book, novelty pens, and a giant poster? This is financially unfeasible for them, but, okay…”

  2. Ghost Song looks amazing. Glad its already funded.
    Also very cool that Warmachine Tactics got like 4x its asking funding, its shaping up to look pret-ty good.

  3. Projects that pretty much just offer physical rewards after the digital download of the game tier just make me shake my head.

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