Apr 012014

Zeboyd Games is proud to announce that our next, next game will be Untamed Armaments!

Here’s a short plot teaser:
Rusella Von Formaldehyde is a young dream hunter, a mercenary who searches old ruins for the treasures within. Upon finding one of the legendary Untamed Armaments, she becomes embroiled in an epic struggle that will determine the very fate of the planet!

Here’s concept art of the main character & logo!


Here are a few details about the game:
Future/Western Sci-Fi/Fantasy setting
2D pixel art visuals
Created with Unity so that we can cover more platforms
Job-based class system for character improvement
Untamed Armaments weapon customization system allows for weapon mods upon weapon mods (think Resonance of Fate)
Turn-based RPG gameplay
Strategy/RPG combat with an efficient control scheme for minimal downtime
Missions with win conditions beyond “Defeat all enemies”
Music from Hyperduck

And here’s one of the songs from the game!

Specific platforms, release date, and pricing to be announced at a later date.

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  23 Responses to “Zeboyd Games is proud to announce Untamed Armaments!”

  1. Go play Wild Arms! NOW PEOPLE!

  2. Does anyone else see one of Alice Margatroid’s dolls when they look at the character in that image?

  3. Formaldehyde?

    Bet she’s a princess. Calling it!

    Brings a cold, hard TEAR to my eyes. Cold and hard like a CRYSTAL.

    …Oh MOTHER, and she also looks like a LOLITHIA.

    It’d be great if Hyperduck did a cover of one of Metallica’s most known concert openers, right? (…Out of ideas, halp!)

  4. Guys, the game is real. The announcement is the joke. The game is called “Wild Arms” and it was released on playstation in like… 1998. Go play it.

  5. want it to be real

  6. You know, the ‘Fake’ trailer to Machete was just that, an inside joke & jab at movies of that sort… Until supply & demand came into play. The people demanded they supply it & so it was done. It even got a sequel! Sure this is a Wild Arms-esque game, but with a title change & some tweaks here & there… Why not? You may have just fell into something you can’t possibly get out of Zeboyd. Now you will have no choice but to deliver. So who is the joke on now? 😛

  7. Had me going there, for a moment. I would still totally buy it.

    And no, it’s not real. It’s a little too derivative. Zeboyd prizes their originality (and not getting sued).

  8. The sad thing about this? I was excited about this game until I realized it was april fool’s day.


  9. Haha this is awesome!

  10. Personally I’d rather play the spinoff series, Crazy Legs.

    Excessively amazing music though!

  11. Dat music! Please tell me there is more. I will do anything. God help me, I will do ANYTHING.

  12. I didn’t buy Wild Arms 4 because they departed from the Western setting, which is why I loved the series.

    I would love this game.

  13. I kinda want this to be real, after you guys finish CSH, of course.

  14. Screw April 1st, I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

  15. This game sounds WILD! I’d give my left ARM if you actually made this!

  16. Its probably April Fools, but if I throw money will it become real? ;_;

  17. God damn it. I would have given you guys money for that.

  18. Keep this one in mind after CSH. I’d put money on that Kickstarter, too.

  19. The best aprils fool jokes are those that most people would actually want to be true.

    Seriously, I wouldnt mind seeing something like this after CSH.


  20. Hey, I’d buy that for money.

  21. Is it a bad thing that I think that might actually be an interesting setting for a game?

  22. Oh you.

  23. Can’t tell if April Fools Joke or real…

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