Jul 082014

A few months ago, we had backers vote on which non-human character they’d like to add to Cosmic Star Heroine as a playable character. The votes came in and the cyber-insect character was the winner.

Today, we’d like to reveal our playable cyber-insect, Psybe.


Although it would have been easy to stick Psybe in as a bonus character, we were actually able to fit the character organically into the main storyline. With high stats in both Hackitude & Sparke, he/she/it should be a valuable member of your team.


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  2 Responses to “Revealing Psybe, the Cyber-Insect”

  1. Do want.

  2. Even more reasons to wait for this game. But I never thought that one of the reasons would be my fear/hate/love relationship to bugs

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