Jul 232014

We’re pleased to share a preview of the main battle theme for Cosmic Star Heroine.

Here are some notes from Chris over at Hyperduck:

“Hello CSH fans! Here is a preview of the first battle theme for Cosmic Star Heroine; there is a lot more to this theme than meets the eye, and we’re only showing you a small amount of it for now. IT IS NOT MIXED YET! So don’t be too harsh on the judgement, yet! Hehe.”

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  4 Responses to “Cosmic Star Heroine Battle Theme Preview”

  1. Have to admit this sounds like something “plucked” straight from the score of a game for either the super nes or sega genesis(90’s era)… Pardon the pun btw HyperDuck… Sounds pretty good! I agree with @Terithian, I can’t see much more being added without the score sounding congested… But I’m sure the good folks at HyperDuck know what they are doing 🙂

  2. Your game and its soundtrack are shaping up to be something amazing. Based just on what you’ve put out so far, $10 for pre-order honestly seems like robbery.

  3. Hah, Terithian beat me to it. Love the sci-fi feel of it, and generally it seems quite solid.

  4. You mean it’s going to sound better than that? How?
    I love all the different aspects of it and how they give it a science fiction sort of feel.

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