Aug 012014

New Kickstarters:

Aegis Defenders – $40k ($65k goal). 32 days left. Tower/Defense Action/Platformer with multiple characters. Looks very fun & impressive.

Fritz: A Videogame about World War I – $6k ($15k goal). 25 days left. Action/RPG focused on trench combat, survival, and dynamic character interaction. Looks like it could turn into something very special.

Gravia Tactics – £2k (£120k goal). 25 days left. Strategy/RPG with high-def art from a dev who did XBLIG stuff.

Tom vs. The Armies of Hell – $1k ($20k goal). 28 days left. Diablo meets Ratchet & Clank. Second attempt at a kickstarter for this game.

Previous Kickstarters:

Grapple Force – $8k ($7k goal). Finished.

Mighty Tactical Shooter : A Turn-Based Shoot ‘Em Up – £11k (£10k goal). Finished.

Girls Make Games Presents: The Hole Story! – $15k ($10k goal). 11 days left.

Ninja Pizza Girl – $22k AUD ($35k AUD goal). 12 days left.

Timespinner – $176k ($50k goal). Finished.

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  2 Responses to “The Video Game Kickstarter Report – Week of August 1, 2014”

  1. ha. I stumbled upon “Grapple Force Rena” on my own. I didn’t know you guys still did this stuff – I just come here to check up on Cosmic Star Heroine every other month or so 😛

    Graxia Tactics looks really awesome and I may have to find a way to throw some cash at that… but I did already pledge to the awesome looking Braven Arts and don’t wanna split my money there. They need some momentum; I’d feel bad pulling back some of my money. Even to support another cool-looking game. ( T _ T )

    Atlus will save an RPG like Citizens of Earth, but no one will save games like these? Tsk, tsk, tsk, publishers…

  2. Hmmm… Not really sure how you guys get your kickstarter info but you seem to be missing a game… Elysian Shadows, a retro RPG with modern game mechanics, launched their campaign on Friday. They, meaning team ES, have grossed a little over 45K on the way to 150K (and hopefully much more)… Just had to post this since you guys are always giving new gaming projects on kickstarter much love. BTW, from what I’ve seen on YouTube it shaping up nicely. Hopefully Bob can update this page ASAP; ES could use the support. (I’m a backer btw)

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