Sep 302014

Hi everyone! We’re still plugging away at the vertical slice – almost have all of the systems properly in place and we’re rapidly approaching the point where the assets we want to show off are sufficiently polished and impressive enough to send out into the wild of the Internet for all to see. In the meantime, since we haven’t posted any screenshots for a while, we thought we’d post another one today. Here’s a picture of Dave confounding an enemy with his elite programming skills in a battle in the old abandoned research facility dungeon.




What fresh horrors await our heroes in the darkness? What secrets does this facility hold and were those secrets worth killing for? Stay tuned!

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  2 Responses to “New Cosmic Star Heroine Lab Battle Screenshot”

  1. Looks like a bit of Grandia 2’s battle system!?

  2. Looking good. Quick question though. Is there any news of this coming out on PS4 in Australia?

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