Dec 192014

New Kickstarters:

Aviary Attorney – £6k (£7k goal). 20 days left. Phoenix Wright with animals and artwork from J. J. Grandville.

Yes, Your Grace – £4k (£5k goal). 5 days left. Rule from your throne with this unique take on strategy gaming.

Cube and Me [RE] – $7k ($15k goal). 4 days left. Previously mentioned in the report but failed to make its goal. Hopefully, this time it’ll get a surge at the end.

The Grisaia Trilogy: Three Huge Visual Novels for PC – $248k ($160k goal). 43 days left. Another Japanese->English visual novel project that’s getting a lot of money.

Previous Kickstarters:

Americana Dawn – $24k ($70k goal). 3 days left.

Clannad Official English Release – $305k ($150k goal). 20 days left.

Recently Completed Kickstarters:

Thimbleweed Park – $626k ($375k goal).

Hollow Knight – $57k AUD ($35k AUD goal).

Crossing Souls – $51k ($45k goal).

Theresa Duncan CD-ROMs: Visionary Videogames for Girls – $20k ($20k goal).

Prismata – $141k CAD ($140k CAD goal).

To Azimuth – $14k ($20k goal).

That Dragon, Cancer – $104k ($85k goal).

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  1. A pity about Cube and Me, I really liked the concept and it looked like they’d have nice execution.

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