Jan 232015

New Kickstarters:

Starr Mazer – $38k ($160k goal). 28 days left. Awesome looking mix of side-scrolling shmup and point & click adventure game. Alex Mauer (who did music for our 3rd game) is helping with the music.

Children of Morta – $33k ($65k goal). 27 days left. Top-down Action/RPG with Hyper Light Drifter-style art.

Steel Assault – $2k ($8k goal). 26 days left. NES-style Action/Platformer.

Previous Kickstarters:

Shadowrun: Hong Kong – $639k ($100k goal). 25 days left.

Drift Stage – $45k ($30k goal). 15 days left.

The Grisaia Trilogy: Three Huge Visual Novels for PC – $389k ($160k goal). 8 days left.

Recently Completed Kickstarters:


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  1. Er, I know this might sort-of-kinda be considered spam, but I’m hoping it won’t since it’s related to the subject of Kickstarter (and RPGs!).

    Anyway, it looks like Hiroki Kikuta (behind Secret of Mana) is composing for a new Kickstarter RPG: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/696564/unraveled-tale-of-the-shipbreakers-daughter .The game itself looks quite interesting and I thought you might be interested in it!

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