Apr 012015

Zeboyd Games is proud to announce Cosmic Star Heroine Legend!




Zeboyd Games is proud to announce Cosmic Star Heroine Legend, an exciting new portable RPG coming exclusively to the Nintendo Game Boy.

Join Alyssa, Chahn, and Dave on an epic RPG journey across the Zevanii system (other characters not included due to memory issues). Originally intended as a Breath of Death spin-off but later changed to Cosmic Star Heroine for better name recognition, Cosmic Star Heroine Legend is sure to delight players, both old and young. Taking inspiration from such classic RPGs as Great Greed, Knight Quest, and Sword of Hope, Cosmic Star Heroine Legend is destined to become an instant modern-day classic.

“With an install base of over 64 million systems, if Cosmic Star Heroine sells to just 5% of the total installbase, we’ll make a fortune!” said Zeboyd Games designer, Robert Boyd. “And what better way to test the market for our games on Nintendo platforms than by supporting one of the most iconic Nintendo systems of all time?”

Cosmic Star Heroine Legend is scheduled to come out April 1, 2017. Following the examples of Square-Enix and Atlus, the expected MSRP is going to be $49.99.

For more information on the original Cosmic Star Heroine, coming soon to PS4, Vita, PC, and more, check out the official Cosmic Star Heroine media kit.




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  6 Responses to “Zeboyd Games is Proud to Announce Cosmic Star Heroine Legend”

  1. Would have been funny if you drove the joke home parodying other commercials or tag lines. Something like:


    (A bad parody of Working Design’s Lunar slogan)

  2. I would have paid $49.99 for this. Well, maybe.

    Oh, and if Sword of Hope is a classic, then Sword of Hope II deserves to be called a classic too, since it is better than the first game in almost every way.

  3. Obviously an april’s fools joke, but the screenshots do look really cool! I would have definitely played this.

  4. Postmita, I was going to say the same thing. It looks oddly awesome in the old green scale, lol

  5. I would play the absolute hell out of this.

  6. It actually looks really awesome in the game boy green scale.

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