Sep 182015

Short but sweet update time!

Here’s a teaser pic from the second world in the game, Planet Rhomu!

One more world map to go!

Unity for Vita just recently had an update that gives devs the option of freeing up more RAM by disabling certain multitasking apps. So you get a lot more RAM but you can’t run the web browser while the game is running. Anyway, we tried this option and got the game to run on the Vita’s default RAM setting (as opposed to the devkit setting which has extra RAM)! We still have a handful of optimization areas on our schedule that we’re going to do before we’re done to ensure it stays under that RAM limit for the entire game & runs as smoothly as possible but we’re very excited about this milestone!

Back to work!

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  1. Have you ever played Skies of Arcadia? Well that have has a very similar crew/mobile base mechanic. It also has a special attack that can be executed by there main character where he calls in all the members of his crew. The attacks damage, effects, and animations change depending on who is currently assigned to your crew. This was one of the most rewarding and truly epic aspects of the game. I BEG you to include an attack like this with your HQ recruitment mechanic. I BEG you!

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