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If you would like to join our mailing list and receive emails from us whenever we have a major announcement or a new game is released, send an email to with the subject: Zeboyd Games mailing list and your email address (if it’s different than the one you sent the email to us from).

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  1. The games are very good, but i can’t understand all dialogs because my english is middle level. There are a lot of players spanish.Please, translate the games to spanish.

  2. might there ever be a molly game on steam by you guys?

  3. i played all you games after i buy them on steam i was kinda sad to see that there was no loading save files from the other precipice games and that this one didnt have the talk to party members all your others did but i suppose i can live without

  4. Both games are awesome. I must say I liked Breath of Death VII the most. However, Cuthulu was very awesome as well. I actually finished it in one sitting. I love old school RPG’s and especially Dragon Warrior 1 and Final Fantasy 1. You guys nailed Dragon Warrior and even upgraded it.

    Alas, however, it was over too quick. I wanted more. You should definitely make a sequel to Breaht of Death very soon.

  5. I wanted to say that I hate you guys for making Breath of Death VII so much fun. I downloaded it on XBOX Live and have not had a life since.



  6. After playing Cthulhu saves the world, I noticed that there was a commentary mentioning all the work that you did for a misty forest. You were very disappointed the way the map turned out, may I suggest you look up RM2K3 projects and see how they solved the problem. The style is similar and what you CAN do is create a forest without having to use single trees.

    Shot taken from Ebon Scape (game has a hard time working with Win7)

    If you noticed from the screen shot, you see that I created a forest with using trees to form a wall while the canopy is very leafy and gives off the illusion of a forest. This example has been seen before in official games like Final Fantasy 3 and 4. If you can’t see the screen shot, look up almost any RM2K3 game, most have an accurate forest map of the example. Hopefully this will help you in the long run since the game engines are very similar.

  7. Gentlemen, you could release the texts of the game “Cthulhu Saves the World” and “Breath of Death VII” separate from binary to enable the translation of the game into other languages, such as in Portuguese.
    I bought the game on Steam and can release a version with the texts of the detached binaries.

    I thank!

  8. You guys are pretty amazing. I’m in the middle of Cthulhu Saves the World and I can’t get enough of it! I’ll be starting up Breath of Death VII after I finish this :).

    FYI, purchased on Steam 😀

    Also, I’m happy you put out the OST, because I’m totally downloading that right now. The OST for Cthulhu Saves the World is pretty amazing!

  9. I’ve purchased both games and just finished C’thulu saves the world last night. Both Great homages to classic RPG’s and I already can’t wait for whatever comes down the pipe next.

    Keep up the great work!!!

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