Feb 062013

Hi everyone!  Bill Stiernberg here.

I’m getting into an increasing state of crunch mode on building maps for RS4, but I want to keep this weekly article going.  So this week I did my half of an Art Trade – which is where I draw someone else’s character, and they draw a Zeboyd character.  So I drew a fellow RPG dev’s character, Arashi Kageyama from the in-development game, Shadowdawn Genesis.

Arashi, Shadowdawn Genesis (pic by Bill Stiernberg)

Arashi, Shadowdawn Genesis (pic by Bill Stiernberg)

This is fyrefoxz’s original character, Arashi, who he designed for the game he is working on, called Shadowdawn Genesis. It’s a cool looking action RPG that’s been in the works for a while, although there’s no firm release date yet.

Character info:

Arashi is a shy but proud girl who took up sword training in the care of an imperial family. After being ambushed by a militant group, a mysterious razorcat rescued her. She and the cat, Ket, become friends and go about their adventures together!

The game looks very cool, hope to see it get completed soon – also looking forward to see what Fox draws up for me!

OK so last week I posted a “process” animation showing the steps I took to make the pic.

Since some people found it useful, I decided to do a more detailed process animation so you can see it more slowly / step by step, and see how I corrected some screwups:

Arashi Process Anim (Bill Stiernberg)

Arashi Process Anim (Bill Stiernberg)

This one is longer than the one from last week, showing more steps. It also shows how I fixed some of my screwups along the way.

Hope you enjoy it and/or find it useful!

-Bill Stiernberg (bill_at_zeboyd on twitter.  Deviantart page.)

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  1. From a distance the color on her chest armor looked skintone haha XD

    Good work though : )

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