Feb 192013

Hello, Bill Stiernberg here, welcome to a Day-Early Weekly Art article!

It’s a day early because we’re posting some more interesting news about Rainslick4 tomorrow. SO CHECK BACK.

Speaking-of, I’ve been working my arse off on Rainslick4’s maps, sprites, etc etc.  So this week I only had a chance to draw one thing.

Since drawing that Ni No Kuni fan art I felt like it’d be fun to take a western RPG character and draw her up in a similar style.  Somehow I landed on drawing Femshep.

Cartoony Femshep! (Bill Stiernberg)

Cartoony Femshep! (Bill Stiernberg)

I took a bunch of responses on my twitter about what character to draw for next week.  Will probably be either from Phantasy Star or a Tales game.

Thanks for checking it out!  Back to work on Rainslick4.

-Bill Stiernberg (bill_at_zeboyd on twitter.  Deviantart page.)

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