Sep 182015

Short but sweet update time!

Here’s a teaser pic from the second world in the game, Planet Rhomu!

One more world map to go!

Unity for Vita just recently had an update that gives devs the option of freeing up more RAM by disabling certain multitasking apps. So you get a lot more RAM but you can’t run the web browser while the game is running. Anyway, we tried this option and got the game to run on the Vita’s default RAM setting (as opposed to the devkit setting which has extra RAM)! We still have a handful of optimization areas on our schedule that we’re going to do before we’re done to ensure it stays under that RAM limit for the entire game & runs as smoothly as possible but we’re very excited about this milestone!

Back to work!

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Sep 142015

Time for another update!

Here are some pics of one of the three main world maps in the game – the Planet Araenu. Note, there’s no combat on any of the world maps.

We hit a major milestone recently – we have created over 200 maps for Cosmic Star Heroine! To be precise, we’re up to 203. This is just over twice as many maps as Cthulhu Saves the World had & almost twice as many as our biggest game to date had (Penny Arcade 4 with 113). And of course, the maps in Cosmic Star Heroine are generally larger & higher quality than the maps in our previous games. From the look of things, final map count in Cosmic Star Heroine will be between 210-220. We still have more stuff to finish after the maps are created, but we’re quickly running out of things left to do which is a great feeling!

Oh and in case you didn’t know, a map is an area that can be explored without leaving the screen. Most of our maps are 1024×1024 pixels in size, with most of the smaller maps being 512×512 (used mostly for small building interiors). The demo we shared at PSX, E3, and PAX and that can be viewed online had a total of 9 maps in it, although you only see a small part of one of the maps (the demo ends before you really have a chance to do anything on the final map).

We haven’t shared any of the character musical themes yet (although you can hear parts of Alyssa’s theme in the original Cosmic Star Heroine teaser music) so we thought it was time to fix that.  Here are 3 song teasers – Z’xorv, Psybe, and Sue’s character themes!

In the original Kickstarter pitch, we talked about having your own spy headquarters. Now that the game is nearing completion, let’s talk about how that works.

Originally, your headquarters were going to be just a large building, but given the planet hopping nature of the game, we decided to kill two birds with one stone and have your base double as your own spaceship so you didn’t have to constantly be traveling back to any one location. Your base has 3 main floors & 2 smaller floors and as you recruit more people to your base, you unlock new rooms. We’re looking at around 20-25 different recruits (a few of which automatically join) – all of which can be equipped as your support teammate to give the entire party a bonus like higher stats, improved healing, more credits earned from combat, bonus turns, and more. Recruits also may give bonuses in your base itself like being able to buy high-end equipment or even being able to fly away from the final “point of no return” dungeon to go finish up any last minute business you may have.

Your base also has a dining hall. Periodically, you’ll be able to dine with your allies and chat with them – if you’ve played the Grandia games, it’ll be similar to the dinner scenes there.

In other news, we’ve got the Vita version up to a decent performance level. We’re still working on optimizing the code to make it run even better, although right now, our focus there is on lowering RAM use so it’ll run on actual Vita hardware (as opposed to just the dev kit which has some extra RAM). We’re making good progress there and hope to have Vita RAM use and performance in an awesome state by the end of the month.

That’s it for this update! Thanks again for your patience – the game is really starting to come together now and we’re really excited about how good it’s going to be when it’s done!

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Apr 302015

Let’s talk about the program & item systems in the game since we didn’t show those off in the Playstation Experience demo.

Each shield (basically the armor in this game) comes with 1-6 programs pre-installed. These programs function just like abilities in battle with a few key differences. First, recharge abilities that replenish innate character abilities have no effect on programs (i.e. in most cases, you can only use each program once per battle). And two, each program has a stat requirement – if that character’s Hackitude stat isn’t high enough, the program is unusable.

As programs on each shield tend to share a theme, the program system essentially acts as a way to temporarily give each character a sub-class of new abilities. And in addition to the standard shields, you also get the Heroine Shield which only Alyssa can equip – this unique shield gives her access to special 2-character unite abilities with each other character.

Now on to items.

Items work similarly to abilities & programs, however they’re shared by the entire party. Once an item is equipped to one of your satchel slots (which you gain more of as you progress through the game), it can be used in battle. Items automatically recharge at the beginning of each battle so there’s no need to horde them.

To encourage more interesting item use, healing items aren’t going to be as common as they are in most RPGs. That’s not to say that they’ll be completely absent – we’ll most likely have a mid-level healing potion, as well as some rare late-game rewards like a Heal to Max Potion and a Revive item – but healing items will only make up a small percentage of total item types. Current plan is to start Alyssa off with 2 ailment-focused items – an item that inflicts Vulnerable (enemy takes double damage from the next hit) and an item that inflicts Poison (damage over time) – to emphasize the versatility of items and to show off the ailment system right from the start.

Next, an update on map counts!

Here are approximate map counts from our previous games. Note, on occasion, multiple maps will cover the same area (for example, before and after a major change has happened).

Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 = 40 maps
Breath of Death VII: The Beginning = 54 maps
Cthulhu Saves the World = 101 maps
Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 4 = 113 maps

Right now, we’re rapidly approaching 100 maps for Cosmic Star Heroine. By the time we’re done, the game should easily have more maps than any of our previous games. Creating the maps are by far the most time-consuming part of making any of our games so it’s exciting that we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

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Feb 262015

We were trying to think of interesting things we could show off that were still early in the game (since we don’t want to spoil too much of what happens later) and realized we hadn’t shown off any images from the hacking segments.

Note, this is still a work-in-progress and we’re still working on the hacking systems, both visually and mechanically. Still, this will give you an idea of where we’re heading. Enjoy!

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Jan 202015

To start off, here are a couple new screenshots!

Here’s a pic of Alyssa’s quarters at the Agency of Peace & Intelligence!

And here’s one of our heroes crossing a bridge! A bridge!

We’re busy working on inserting content into the game at the moment. By our latest estimates, the main game should take between 10-14 hours to complete, plus an additional 3-6 hours for major side-quests. Unlike our previous games, side-quests won’t just be “Go into non-descript small dungeon & fight a few monsters for loot” and in fact, all of the playable characters except Alyssa has a side-quest that’s connected to them. We’re having a lot of fun with these (including some homages to some of our favorite games) and hope you will too.

On the music front, Hyperduck is on a roll and has about 30 songs in finished or almost finished state. In some instances, they’re doing multiple versions of the same song – for example, a faster, more intense remix for an area after it turns hostile. This soundtrack is going to be amazing when it’s done!

We try to make our games so that as long as you take advantage of your characters’ strengths & use strong strategies, you don’t need to do extra grinding to progress. However, we know some people like to grind so they can steamroll the game while others like to know that the option of grinding is there for them in case they get stuck on a particularly hard boss. In order to fit those playstyles as well, we’re thinking that we’re going to add a VR battle option into the game. While in dungeons, you’ll be able to select the VR Battle command from your main menu to enter VR mode where you’ll fight random battles with enemies in that area for XP & credits. And in your base, there will be a special VR battle unit that you can use to fight extra hard bosses – these won’t give XP or money but they will give you special rewards like powerful equipment the first time you beat each one.

Now let’s talk about difficulty.

Difficulty is a tricky thing to get right in RPGs. Make a game too easy & people get bored. Make a game too hard & people get annoyed & may stop playing all together. Unfortunately, it feels like everyone’s opinion on what’s too easy or too hard is different.

In the past, we’ve given our games 4 difficulty options – Easy, Normal, Hard, and Insane – and allow players to adjust their difficulty mid-game. On the plus side, this allows players to tailor the game’s difficulty to their own needs. On the down side, some people feel like they’re not playing the game correctly if they don’t play it on the default difficulty, even if they feel like the default difficulty is too easy or too hard for them.

As far as Cosmic Star Heroine’s difficulty goes, there’s a number of different routes we could take.

1) Multiple difficulties that the player can adjust mid-game like our previous games.
2) One main difficulty, but make sure that enough of the optional content is harder for people who want a challenge.
3) Gameplay modifiers like in Bastion/Transistor. You activate modifiers (like enemies become more dangerous when under 25% Max HP) that make the game harder, while also giving you rewards.

Any thoughts?

Oh and regardless of what we do, we’ll probably have some sort of New Game+ mode for people who want to replay the game with all their previous stats/abilities/equipment intact.

In other subjects, we know trophies/achievements are serious business for a lot of people. None of our previous games have had a trophy system in them so we’re quite new in this field. What are your trophy do’s and don’ts? What kinds of trophies would you like to see in Cosmic Star Heroine?

Finally, we’re going to be doing a Reddit AMA on Friday, January 30th. We’ll be sure to post a link when it starts.

Thank you everyone for supporting us! Cosmic Star Heroine is going to be great!

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Dec 172014

Thanks everyone for the kind words in regards to the gameplay video we posted last week. Since we’ve received many questions about the game since then, we decided to put together a FAQ that collects some of the major details about the game.

Cosmic Star Heroine FAQ

When will Cosmic Star Heroine come out?
In 2015 when it’s good & done and when it’s been approved by all platform holders.

What platforms will Cosmic Star Heroine be released on?
PS4 & Vita. Windows/Mac/Linux via Steam & other PC distribution sites (like Humble Store). Also Xbox One.

Will you release Cosmic Star Heroine on other platforms besides those?
Possibly, but if we do, we won’t be adding any platforms until after we’ve already released on those.

Will you sell a physical version of the game?
From what we’ve heard, it’s become much easier to do this now that Retro City Rampage released a physical PS4 copy of the game. With that said, there’s no definite plans in this area at the moment, but we’ll definitely be looking into it at some point.

Will the game have cross-buy & cross-save on the PSN?
It will definitely have cross-buy (buy once and get both the PS4 & Vita versions). We’d like to get cross-save working as well, but we haven’t actually done so yet.

How much will Cosmic Star Heroine cost?
Most likely $10 or $15.

Can I preorder Cosmic Star Heroine?
The Windows/Mac/Linux version of the game can be pre-order from our website ( via the Humble Store.

How long will Cosmic Star Heroine be?
We’re guessing it’ll be in the 15-25 hour range (longer than our longest game to date). We’ll have a better idea close to launch.

How many playable characters are there?
11 total. You’ll be able to use 4 characters at a time. Non-active party members will still gain XP. Some sections of the game will mandate the use of certain characters, otherwise, you’ll be able to freely pick out of the characters you have available (Alyssa stays in as the leader).

Who is making Cosmic Star Heroine?
Bill Stiernberg at Zeboyd Games (Art, Animation, Map Design)
Robert Boyd at Zeboyd Games (Code, Writing, Gameplay Design)
Chris Geehan at Hyperduck Soundworks (Music & Sound Effects)
Dan Byrne-McCullough at Hyperduck Soundworks (Music & Sound Effects)

How much music is in the game?
We’re currently planning on over 40 different songs in the game, not counting cutscene audio.

Yes, the game has a number of Sega CD/Turbo-CD inspired cutscenes a la the Lunar series.

What’s the general story premise of the game?
Alyssa L’Salle is a top secret agent for the galactic empire. While she’s on a mission, she discovers some information that the government doesn’t want her to have and so the government reveals her to the world. Will she be able to save the galaxy while everyone is out for her blood?

Will you be stuck on one planet for the entire game?
No, there are 3 main planets that you’ll be adventuring on in Cosmic Star Heroine – Araenu (kind of a cyberpunk vibe), Nuluup (nature & magic), and Rhomu (surface ruined by war with people living in underground cities).

How linear/non-linear will the game be?
Similar to the JRPGs of old, there will be linear sections of the game, as well as more non-linear sections where you’ll be able to freely explore. We have a number of fun optional quests as well that tie into character & world development and many of which take place in areas you don’t visit during the course of the main plot.

How’s combat work?
Combat takes place directly on the exploration maps (no separate battle screen). No random battles; everything is pre-set and some battles can be avoided if you manage to sneak past the enemies. Battles once won tend to stay won, however if you leave a dungeon and return, some battles will respawn (in case you want to get more XP & money).

In combat, there’s no MP. Instead, most abilities you have can only be used once until you use a Defend/Recharge move to restore everything. This encourages the player to not just spam the same moves over and over again but instead think on how best to use their whole arsenal.

Two other features closely govern combat. One, as you choose abilities, your character’s style score goes up and as that goes up, your abilities become more effective. There are also a few “Burst” abilities that you can use that will spend all of your existing style points for one massive effect. Two, every X turns, your characters will go into Hyper mode and abilities will deal double damage and ailments are more likely to work. Plan in advance to take advantage of hyper & style for combat success.

Will there be multiple character combination abilities like in Chrono Trigger, Phantasy Star, Suikoden, etc?
Yes. Alyssa will be able to perform 1-2 unique combination moves with each other character. We set it up this way both to make Alyssa more unique as the leader & because having every combination of 2 characters result in unique combination moves was overwhelming with so many playable characters.

How does the base building part of the game work?
At one point in the game, you’ll gain access to a spaceship that will serve as your headquarters. Certain NPCs can be recruited to work for you and may enhance your headquarters in various ways or give your main characters bonuses in combat when equipped as support personnel.

How’s the ability system work?
Each character can equip 7 main abilities & one defend/recharge ability at a time. Characters will also gain ability enhancers that they can equip to certain abilities to increase their potency or add effects. Abilities & enhancers are automatically learned as characters LV-Up.

In addition to innate abilities, characters can take advantage of “programs” that act as additional abilities. Which programs are available depends on the shield they have equipped and the character’s Hackitude stat.

How does the equip system work?
Each character can equip a weapon, a shield, an accessory, and a support personnel. Equipment improves stats, gives the character passive abilities, and in the case of shields and their programs, gives the character additional abilities.

How do stats work?
In addition to HP/MaxHP and your Attack power (based on your weapon) and Defense power (based on your shield), there are 4 main stats for characters in the game.

Physique – This determines the damage that your physical-oriented attacks do. It also affects your HP growth and your defense against physical attacks.
Sparke – This determines the damage that your magic-oriented attacks do. It also affects your maximum style effectiveness (100% at 0 sparke, 200% at 100 sparke) and your defense against magic attacks.
Hackitude – This determines the damage that your tech-oriented attacks do. It is also necessary to unlock more programs (based on which shield you have equipped).
Cunning – This determines the success of ailments & the power of items. It also affects your ailment resistance & gives a small bonus to turn speed.

How do ailments work?
Whether or not an ailment succeeds is not random. Based on the ability used and the character’s stats, a certain amount of “ailment damage” specific to that ailment is done – if this brings the target’s related “ailment HP” to 0, the ailment succeeds. What this means is that if an ability fails to inflict an ailment on the target, that effort isn’t wasted but instead makes it easier for future attempts to succeed.

Ailments in the game include stun (skip a turn), charm (may target allies), vulnerable (takes double damage from the next attack), enrage (targets the last person to hurt them & lowers area attack effectiveness), and disarm (lowers attack power for their next move). There is also a set of 3 ailments that are specific to different enemy types – Poison (Organic only, takes damage every turn), Rust (Robotic only, takes damage & lowers speed), and Curse (Astral only, lowers stats).

Why weren’t there very many sound effects in the demo video?
Because the game isn’t done! The final game will have sound effects in battle, actually useful items in treasure chests, and in general, be more polished than the demo we showed at Playstation Experience.

How hyped should we be for Cosmic Star Heroine?
Very hyped.

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Dec 132014

It’s up! 30 minutes of footage of us playing through the Playstation Experience demo for Cosmic Star Heroine.

Note, this is still a work-in-progress. Most sound effects aren’t in the game, treasure chests have jokes instead of actual items (since we figured in a demo setting where you can’t save your progress that’d be more fun), and there are various things we plan on polishing up between now and release. Still, we think it looks & sounds pretty cool already and it’ll just get better. Hope you enjoy it! 🙂

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Oct 022014

Following is a discussion we had way back on July 2nd, 2010 where we were discussing what our next project should be while we were in the middle of making Cthulhu Saves the World. Here you can see some of the first hints of what would later become Cosmic Star Heroine.

Note, the following discussion has been edited & abridged for clarity (cleaned up the grammar & spelling, removed some off-topic discussions).

Robert: Are you leaning towards anything for our next project?
Bill: Not yet no, what about you? Oh quick question – are all the alien cats in Cthulhu green? What color should the boss alien cat be?
Robert: Yeah, probably make them all the same color.
Bill: Okay, so green?
Robert: Yep.
Bill: Okay.
Robert: As for our next project, I don’t know. Part of me is leaning towards “Hey, lets try to go XBLA!” And part of me is leaning towards “XBLIG is pretty nice and let’s us do stuff fast.”
Bill: Well.. I think it’s too early to go XBLA
Robert: Yeah, you’re probably right.
Robert: On actual game ideas… I’m tempted to make a Phantasy Star-esque RPG next. Space Opera with magic.
Bill: Sounds good. I’m on board with it already.
Robert: Alternatively a cyberpunk RPG could go over well.
Bill: Phantasy Star style RPGs… have there been many recently?
Robert: Good ones? No.
Bill: Well there you go. I think Phantasy Star style gameplay is still relatively untapped.
Bill: Hey I was thinking the other day… it seems that 99% of RPGs are either “Fantasy” (swords, wizards, warriors, princesses, castles, kings), or they are Sci-Fi (guns, aliens, space ships, etc). There has got to be more settings that are not fully explored…
Robert: True, true.
Bill: …and post-apoc Western RPGs.
Robert: I played one RPG in Chinese… that was a mermaid RPG
[Note: Heroine Anthem 1 & 2]
Bill: Well anyway, I guess I was just wondering… with so many Sword/Fantasy and Spaceship/SciFi and Post-Apoc “modern” RPGs you’d think there would be more in other settings.
Robert: Well, a modern day RPG would potentially be good.
Robert: Earthbound has a very devoted fanbase. As do the Persona games.
Robert: And other than those, there’s pretty much nothing in a real world setting. TWEWY.
Bill: Hahaha. Nice. Couldn’t remember the name.
Robert: Yeah, that one too. Hehe. I’ve had like 5 ideas for less used ideas for RPG settings and then I immediately think of a game that used that. Like I was going to say, Detective RPG! But then you have the PA games & the later SMT: Devil Summoner games. Or greek RPG!
[Note: Soon after this discussion, PA contacted us to finish their RPG series. The results were our third & fourth RPGs: Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 & 4]
Bill: Well
Robert: But Nintendo just released Glory of Heracles on the DS.
Bill: It doesn’t have to be the first time the setting has been used, just something that is underserved
Robert: True.
Bill: Like… when people see another RPG in the sword/castle setting, it takes a little extra something to keep their interest because there has been so many of those.
Robert: I told you about my idea for a movie RPG, right?
Bill: No?
Robert: Where you’re a movie director. And each movie you make is its own little mini-RPG scenario. With actors & actresses being your playable characters.
Bill: Oh right.
Robert: And as you “beat” each scenario, depending on how you do, your director gets XP and gains the ability to make more movies.
Bill: Yeah, I remember this.
Robert: Hm… one idea I had that I thought would be kind of cool. Would be that you have an RPG set in a very small location. Like a small rural mountain town where supernatural occurences start to occur. But I guess that’s kind of like Persona.
Robert: But whereas Persona has a very distinct difference between the natural and the supernatural with this, I would have the entire town start getting bizarre and crazy and evil.
Robert: On another note, sports RPGs are pretty popular in Japan, but never show up here. I’ve seen RPGs for soccer as well as baseball. We could do a basketball RPG. 5 players on a team makes for a good party size.
Robert: Hm… dinosaur RPG? Can’t say that I’ve ever seen anything like that.
Bill: Sweet. Yeah, something like that.
Robert: Other than that Chrono Trigger segment.
Bill: Eh, it was only a segment.
Robert: Anyway, just a bunch of random suggestions.
Bill: Yeah. Well anyway, the best thing is to just go with whatever you feel would make for a good design and a good story.
Robert: I will say that although I’ve been pushing for a zombie apocalypse RPG, seeing as how our first two games have both been horror themed, I think a change of pace would be good.
Bill: Yeah good point.
Robert: Yep. Hm… Ninja RPG!
Bill: Sweet.
Robert: I can’t think of any of those other than Inindo and that’s OLD. Or the Naruto RPGs.
Bill: Yeah and sorta kinda Muramasa.
Robert: Yeah.
Bill: We might potentially change art style a little as in instead of 16×16 characters, maybe something like 32×16 characters or I don’t know something so that it doesn’t always look like Dragon Quest.
[Note: We meant 16×32. 32×16 would make for very fat characters]
Robert: I’m still leaning towards Space Opera RPG for our next game.

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Sep 302014

Hi everyone! We’re still plugging away at the vertical slice – almost have all of the systems properly in place and we’re rapidly approaching the point where the assets we want to show off are sufficiently polished and impressive enough to send out into the wild of the Internet for all to see. In the meantime, since we haven’t posted any screenshots for a while, we thought we’d post another one today. Here’s a picture of Dave confounding an enemy with his elite programming skills in a battle in the old abandoned research facility dungeon.




What fresh horrors await our heroes in the darkness? What secrets does this facility hold and were those secrets worth killing for? Stay tuned!

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Aug 052014

We posted an article last year about some ideas we had for making ailments more useful in combat. We thought we’d share an update there on what we’re working with now since there have been some changes.

For starters, we’re going to be aiming for Cosmic Star Heroine to have fewer, but more meaningful battles than many RPGs. In an RPG where combat is always over quickly, direct damage is always the correct choice (defeat the enemy as quickly as possible) but when you have battles that may last longer, then more interesting strategies become viable.

With the exception of ailments that are specific to a certain type of enemy (like Rust on a robotic enemy), enemies are not immune to ailments.

Ailment success is not random. Essentially each enemy has a separate hidden ailment HP for each ailment type. For example, an enemy might have 40 “Stun HP.” If you used a Stun ability that dealt 40 Stun damage, then the enemy would be successfully stunned. Alternatively, if you used a Stun ability that only dealt 20 Stun damage, then the enemy would only be stunned after you used that ability twice on them (or combined it with another stun ability that dealt 20 or more stun damage).

Trying to Stack or repeat the same ailment on the same enemy becomes more and more difficult with each stack.

Some abilities will not just inflict ailments. For example, Alyssa’s basic “Bash” attack will deal damage and also has a small stun effect as well.

Some characters will have powerful ailment abilities that are more effective against certain enemy types. For example, Dave’s “Hack” ability is more effective at charming robotic enemies than organic or astral enemies.

Here are the ailments we’re currently planning to use. As usual, the specifics are subject to change between now and the game’s release.

General Ailments:

  • Stun – Skip a turn. Does not stack.

This takes the place of the Interrupt function that we had in our previous 2 games (Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3 & 4) in that it lets you prevent the enemy from taking action.

  • Charm – Will hurt allies or help enemies. Can stack additional turns.

Note, it’s highly unlikely that any enemies will have access to inflicting this ability, just because we know how annoying this can be (from experience in other RPGs).

  • Confuse – Has a chance to act regularly (34%), do nothing (33%), or act charmed (33%). Can stack for additional turns.

Our one ailment with a random element to it. Can be very useful… or do absolutely nothing.

  • Disarm – 30% damage penalty to next attack. Cancels 1 buff. Does not stack.

Very useful if you know the enemy is charging up for a powerful move.

  • Vulnerable – Takes double damage on the next hit. Does not stack.

Very useful for setting up combos (use right before you know you’re going to unleash a powerful move) for massive damage.

  • Enraged – Will target the most recent enemy that targeted it. Reduces damage of multi-target abilities by 20% but increases the damage of single-target abilities by 30%. Can stack for additional turns.

Useful for controlling enemy movement and for weakening enemies with powerful multi-target abilities.

Enemy Type Specific:

These are ailments that only work on specific classes of enemies. All of these ailments last for the entire battle once they’re inflicted.

  • Poison – Takes damage at the end of each turn. Organic enemies only. Can stack for additional damage.

This is the only ailment where stacking the ailment increases the effect (more damage each turn) rather than adding additional turns (since it already lasts the entire battle).

  • Rust – Takes damage at the end of each turn. Lowers speed by 20%. Robotic enemies only. Does not stack.

Can’t deal as much damage as poison can (due to the multiple stacks) but deals a good amount of damage & slows down the enemy.

  • Curse – Lowers attack, defense, and speed by 20%. Astral enemies only. Does not stack.

Doesn’t deal damage like the other two ailments, but significantly weakens the enemy.

Special Ailments:

  • Fatigue – Reduces Max HP by 10% for the rest of the battle. Stacks up to 5 times.

Most of the time, fatigue is self-inflicted by using certain powerful abilities. Also most heal effects inflict fatigue on the target (the stress of rapid healing takes its toll on a body).

  • Desperate – Automatically inflicted if HP goes below 0. Dies at the end of the next turn if HP is not positive.

Under certain circumstances, player characters can survive a hit that would otherwise defeat them. When this happens, they enter desperate status and are defeated at the end of their next turn if they do not win the battle or bring their HP back to a positive amount. Certain passives & equipment may bestow additional bonuses for characters while they’re in desperate status.

  • Hypochondria – Lowers resistance to damage & ailments for the rest of the battle. Does not stack.

Hypochondria is an interesting ailment in that it cannot be directly inflicted on an enemy. Instead, enemies will automatically contract hypochondria if they are hit with enough ailments over the course of the battle. Hypochondria is inflicted faster if you hit an enemy with different ailment types rather than just stacking the same ailment multiple times.

We’re hopeful that by increasing the length of the average battle, removing the random aspect of inflicting ailments, designing useful ailments & abilities that inflict them, ailments will become an important and interesting part of combat in Cosmic Star Heroine and not the afterthought that they are in many RPGs.

Finally, on another note, here’s an update on the video preview that we mentioned earlier. The two areas that we’re planning on showing off have all of their maps finished (9 maps total) so right now, we’re adding story events, and working on the battles for those areas. Not sure how long it’ll be until we’re ready to show it off, but it shouldn’t be much longer. 🙂

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