Apr 032013

Hey everyone!  Bill here.

Been going from one super busy thing to the next.  Last week was PAX, this week I’m trying to catch up on maps since the PAX-break.

So this week I decided to do another Persona fan art – Chie Satonaka!

Chie Satonaka - Persona 4 (by Bill Stiernberg) - click for larger versions

Chie Satonaka - Persona 4 (by Bill Stiernberg) - click for larger versions

Chie from Persona 4 – She has a bright and upbeat personality, often trying to cheer up the group by joking about the case. She is also obsessed with kung fu and is a huge fan of martial arts movies.

She’s a pretty popular Persona character, and was really fun to draw.   Tried to give her a dynamic pose, since she’s always running around or doing kung fu or something.

I also simplified the way I draw and color hair.  Basically I draw the major strands, add a few extra line art strands, and then handle the rest of by drawing the overall shadows and then putting in regular colors and highlights in to represent other strands.  I rather like the results and it’s not very difficult, so I’m going to keep with that for  a while.

Anyway, I’ll be busy as heck ’til Rainslick4 comes out, but I’m thinking about doing a Fire Emblem Awakening fan art next since I’ve been playing that game and it’s incredibly fun.

-Bill Stiernberg (bill_at_zeboyd on twitter.  Deviantart page.)

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  2 Responses to “Zeboyd Weekly Art! (4/3/2013): Chie! (Persona 4)”

  1. FE:A fanart? Tharja maybe?=>_>=

  2. Very nice. I love Chie (and Yukiko, and Rise, and Naoto…).^^
    Please, draw Nanako and Yu when you have some time to make a new persona 4 fan art Bill.

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